Chanel Wallets

I was just wondering what are some prices of Chanel wallets...I was at Holt today at lunch and I saw the perfect Chanel wallet. It's $550 up here. :worried: I'm sorry I'm not sure what it's called but one side looks like it holds coins and the other side is for bills and cards.
Here is my chanel wallet I just bought a week ago. It was 510.00. I originally had a LV zippy wallet in damier but it ws just too bulky so I returned it to elux. This wallet is perfect for me. I think it is caviar leather. I saw the cambon wallets also and really liked them. This wallet just had more cc slots. Hope my pics work:biggrin:


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ur pics worked great PGN, yeah it's hard to find the right wallet, i'm using a lamb one right now but it's getting old and i really need a new one but it has to be right and ur wallet is gorgeous...
i have black calfskin quilted wallet with brown/burgundy interior... it was $545 i believe.. cant remember at the top of my head... i kinda want something with more durable leather. calfskin feels like heaven, but i fear scratching it!
I have a question about a Chanel Wallet I just bought. The seller told me that it was purchased in Europe by her M-I-L and she didn't like it as its not her style. I bought it locally so I am not out a lot of money, but can anyone verity its authenticity for me? I want to put it on E-Bay but only if I can verify it is the real deal. Also, any idea what it would retail for? It is quite gorgeous, and if it's not real it's a marvelous fake!\\

thanks for your help!!


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I've got two Chanel wallets (so far...:biggrin: ) that I love. The first one is lambskin inside and out and fits just the essentials - I bought it last year at the boutique in Las Vegas for (drum roll here) a whopping $265.00. I snapped it up in a second and I use it a lot!

The second one I just purchased. Caviar outside and lambskin inside and I love this one too. I use this everyday. This one put me back $525.00.

I think the range for wallets pretty much starts at $450 and goes up from there.


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I just got a gorgeous chanel wallet last week for only $285. I love it! I don't carry bills, ever, so I didn't get a billfold, and this one suits me perfectly!


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doublec31 said:
I just got a gorgeous chanel wallet last week for only $285. I love it! I don't carry bills, ever, so I didn't get a billfold, and this one suits me perfectly!

I just got the longer version of this wallet. I think it was $650. I'm suprised there is such a big price discrepancy between the two sizes.
Yea. Mine are holding their own too. The little one is all lambskin and that one looks as good as the day I bought it. The other one I'm moe careful with for some reason...maybe because it's so new....