Chanel Trapezio, Coco curve and Natural CC?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know how these bags look like? The first two ones are from the pre fall 2016 collection and the natural cc from fall act II.

    Thank you ️
  2. I am awaiting pics as well. I had some early renderings from the Lookbook but it's hard to see.
  3. Got this pic from my local SA 😀 this is the trapezio and the dimension is 25cm×16cm×10cm

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  4. Waaooww :loveeyes: that's a beautiful bag. Does anyone know if it's lambskin or cavier leather.

  5. Thank you
  6. It's sheepskin. I was able to see it in store. It's even more stunning in person!
  7. Here is the larger size in burgundy. Last photo is courtesy of another fellow tpfer.

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  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464317127.384491.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464317139.649622.jpg

    I think this is the Coco Curve
  9. They have 3 sizes i believe..
    Minis, small/medium and large.
    Mini $2700USD
    Small/medium $3000USD
    Large $3400USD
    I'm kinda new to chanel but this is gonna be my first bag in the small/medium havent seen it in person but already ordered it and its on its way !

    Does anybody know the difference between sheepskin and lambskin though ?
  10. Mini in red !

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  11. Small/medium in turqoise ??
    (Pic from my SA) sorry i post the picture one by one cuz im not sure why i cant post multiple picture using my phone

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  12. Where did you find this size? Is it from the boutique or dept stores?
  13. I really love the colour!
  14. Department store! Specifically in Neiman Marcus.
    I believe saks only have minis and larges

  15. I love this. Which store carries this color