Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 Collection (21S)


May 19, 2020
I also want to ask fellow Chanel lovers! About my pink classic has this dent at the bottom
Of the bag which is hard to fix by just by rubbing due to bottom is more structured. I’m not normally picky about bags if scratched or thread little frayed. But this is hard to fix on my own, due to bag is stitched with extra folded skin IMO and it’s making bottom of bag look uneven. I reached out to SA she thinks it can be just rubbed off. I hate to rerun the bag becuse I love the color so much and not sure if I can find another one. Any advice?
Sorry to hear about this, check and see if you can find it. Maybe a few of these are still around or coming in... I had to return one last year with the same issue on the sides of a red mini but mine was worse it had a big lump. Hope you get it!! :heart:


Jan 12, 2006

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Thanks. :tender:
Sep 5, 2007
The photos my sa sent me also looked peachy, I had to confirm the color code with her to be sure.

I will know for real if it’s peachy or not when it gets to me!

Would you have gotten it if it were not peachy?
I might have but I probably shouldn’t since I picked up the pink iridescent earlier this year. I can’t wait for you to get the bag so you can confirm the color!