Chanel slingbacks

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  1. anyone know what color combos are in stores now? i'm looking for black and silver or black and white.

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  2. Saks has both and more color combos. If you are ready to buy, call any Saks that carries Chanel (NYC, Atlanta...) and a SA can send to you. Lots of color options.
  3. I got these at Neimans. IMG_1496152563.233899.jpg
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  4. Love
  5. They're super comfortable too !!!! My first pair :smile:
  6. I recently got my first pair too in the beige/black. They are so comfy! I haven't worn them out yet though
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  7. For you to "browse"... I dug up some photos from SAs. The last photo are the three I have. All shoes were available as recently as 3 months ago. IMG_1496175736.957556.jpg IMG_1496175758.920896.jpg IMG_1496175782.766504.jpg IMG_1496175796.052663.jpg
  8. I tried these on too. I loved them but they weren't as comfortable. IMG_1496177305.427294.jpg

    Anyone have the flats? Was wondering how they feel.
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  9. It's all about the leather. Of my 3 pairs, the beige/black is goatskin, the white is calf, and the beige/white is lamb. Hands down the white is the least comfortable as it is calf and calf is stiff. I tried on that grey pair as well and it was stiff also so I agree that is not a comfy one for me either.

    I am hoping for more lamb or goat this fall... a burgundy would be amazing.
  10. I think my sales guy said there was a burgundy velvet? I didn't get to see it ...
  11. I have flats, they r more comfy than than heels .
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  12. I've got the flats version as well in black goat skin but they aren't as comfortable. I supposed I have to wear them a few more times to break them in? IMG_1496221828.699130.jpg
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  13. Are the flats less expensive than the heels? How does the satin cap wear?
  14. The caps get dirty really easily. I have to clean then with wet tissues every now and then
  15. How is the sizing, do you need to go down a size because of the strap in back, meaning it will stay on better? I am looking to buy one. Thanks!!