Chanel slingbacks

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  1. For the heeled slingback it's true to size for me.
  2. Yes for my country (Singapore) it's about sgd$90 cheaper. Because the cap toe is black dirt shows up quite easily (dust etc) but can be easily wiped off.

    The flats are true to size as well but if you can't find your exact size you can consider going up half a size as the boutique will provide gel stickers for the sling area so to make up for the size up (that's what my local boutique offered)
  3. IMG_1496428723.105336.jpg

    At Neimans :smile:
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  4. Are these true to size? Or did you get half size bigger than your usual size? Thank you :smile:
  5. Hi just to share i get them true to size and after some wears, the straps will slip off. I bring them to the cobbler to shorten the strap by about half a cm to half inch and after that it works fine. This happens to all my slingbacks, including for other brands such as CL.
  6. For the all leather slingbacks I buy half a size smaller as they definitely stretch after time. The first few wears are uncomfortable and after that they are extremely comfortable. I have the ones made from Grosgrain material which doesn't stretch out and I got them in my true size and they are perfect.
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  7. Hello! I posted this on another thread but I realized that this is more current and I might get more replies here. I am finally delving into the world of the slingbacks for the first time! My boutique is out of the classic beige but these light pink ones are so fabulous! What are your thoughts on getting seasonal colors rather than the classic beige? Are they as worth it? Should I just wait for the beige in my size to be available?

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  8. The light pink ones are so cute! I think the beige ones are classic, but the light pink is a neutral color too.

    My vote is for the pink! I have a few in seasonal colors and I reach for them more than the beige.
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  9. Thank you so much for your reply. You’ve made my day!:P

    I had them put on hold so that I could think about it and so that I could go back to my wardrobe and see if it will work since I want to use them a lot. I needed the affirmation that they are quite neutral and able to match things :heart:
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  10. Slingbacks are TTS for me.
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  11. There you go. I have the heels. They are not bad, but wished I got the flats first as they would be more practical for my daily life.

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  12. Just as an update, in the end, I purchased the beige and black! These are my very first slingbacks and I can’t wait to use them! Just a couple of questions.
    1. Do these stretch? I found the 36.5C comfortable but the slings were slipping so I got the 36C but the toe box is quite tight. The SA told me that they would stretch in time and with use. Could you kindly please confirm?

    2. Do you have protective soles put on them? And if you do, do you get them done immediately or wait for a bit?
    Thank you so much in advance!

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  13. Hi! My two cents... you should get the larger size. I had the same issue. I purchased my regular Chanel shoe size, and the straps were a bit loose. I tried one size down and toe box was a bit tight. I went with my regular size and the straps, while loose, are fine. If it really bothers you and the strap is too loose, get a cobbler to shorten the straps a tiny bit. But wear them a bit first... I love mine and I can just slip them out easily exactly because the strap is loose. Plus, I would not want a stretched out toe box, and now the shoe looks distorted with a "wide fat" toe. The toe is the most important look of a shoe to me. This slingback is very slimming on the feet because of how the toebox.

    My friend, who decided to get the smaller size regrets it. Her SA told her it would stretc which it didn't much. It squishes her toes and did not stretch, so she barely wears them now.

    My slingbacks are super comfy that I can wear them all day long walking in the city. The chunky heel is great for the sidewalk cracks too!

    That's just my two cents. Hope that helps.
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  14. I can’t comment on the sizing OP. Was C width readily available for these? I find Chanel shoes narrow for me.
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