Chanel Resellers & Consignment RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY

  1. Hi all! One I didn't see on the list is The other 2 I have bought Chanel from are already represented here but, I just bought a gorgeous patent bag and glasses from Couture and it was a great experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bag!!!
  2. I highly recommend Barbara Conn of I had the pleasure of purchasing a Chanel WOC from her and she is an absolute sweetheart. Her email is (866) 620-4423.
  3. I second Super professional.
    Also Anns Fabulous Finds.
    Boutique Patina on Malleries / *patina* on eBay
    brandoff on Ebay
    Daikokuya on Ebay

    In the beginning was nervous to order from Asia but it seems Japan is really solid.
  4. Yes!

    I came here to post the same. She is a lovely lady and one of the best if not the best sellers on bonanza!

    They are in Soho and UES. I haven't been but would like to one day. I read that they are a little pricey though..idk. HTH!
  5. zensoku_vip is also a highly recommended ebay seller. Fast, ugraded shipping and item is exactly as described. Great communication through phone, text, email.
  6. I just bought my first Chanel from this eBay seller. The seller is: Rootala... She has excellent communication, a return policy and I had her bag authenticated by TPF. When I received my bag, I carefully looked it over...googled like crazy, and everything checked out. She has 100% positive feedback. She has sold other Chanel bags, along with jewelry and other luxury items. Here's the link: She's really nice!
  7. You will see the real bag in person. They are just wrapped very securely and the owner won't unwrap it unless you have decided to buy. I just bought one bag from him so far. That's a brand new vintage. the price tag was still on.

  8. I second Fashion Phile.. I have taken things to them to be consigned and they are great! I had an old Marc jacobs and they wouldn't take it because they could not tell if it was authentic or not so they are definitely a great place to shop.
  9. purchased thrice with this seller!!! one of my favorite sellers...very accomodating and accurate with her description.
  10. i just used for the very first time to purchase a chanel reissue bag, so far i am happy with the process, i ordered last night and this morning i got a call from a portero rep assuring me that the item was 100% authentic and making me aware of the light use inside the 2nd flap. im super excited :yahoo: to finally receive my purchase! has anyone bought from there before? what was your experience like?