Chanel Resellers & Consignment RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY

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    Below I have compiled a list of websites that have been recommended by various PFers.

    Remember, unless you know for sure, always have your potential purchases authenticated in the Chanel authentication thread (please read the posting instructions on page one and follow the posting format).

    Please feel free to post additional links for recommended websites or eBay sellers. Your comments are welcome.

    Recommended websites:

    List of consignment stores in general shopping subforum – may or may not sell Chanel:
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  2. Malleries:

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  3. I've bought fabulous authentic Chanel's from this trusted Ebay seller. She's highly respectable and is a great communicator!

  4. Second Hand Shop in HK

    The shop owner is a freak. He sanitizes and wraps every bag in plastic bag so you absolutely have on chance to check or have a real look of any bag at all unless you've determined to pay. I don't doubt the authenticity but if u don't feel comfortable buying without seeing more that's not a place. The upside is that his bags are truly mint and nobody else has ever touched the bag before you bought it. So I still recommend this site if you already know the bag you are looking for well and you need not see more details of the bag.
  5. Canadian consignors:

    I've gone to Patricia at, and she's terrific to work with (as a consignor). She's absolutely lovely and knowledgeable (and a member here on TPF)! She doesn't have a storefront, but does most of her business online.

    Just stopped by, and Stella and Gina seem very nice as well. They're half a block from where I live, so I'm contemplating doing some work with them to try them out. Both are very friendly and seem to know their stuff. Their physical store is at Yonge & Belmont. They had the most gorgeous lavender Prada croc clutch ever. Too bad I got there too late - it was already sold.

    Labels or Love is also another local Toronto consignment shop. I don't know if they sell online, but they carry very high end items. They're up at Lawrence and Avenue, for you Torontonians. They've carried Chanel and Hermes.

    Another high end consignment shop is Second Time Around in Yorkville. Karen and Danny are nice to work with, but the last time I asked, they didn't have any interest on running a business online. Lots of Dior and Chanel and Vuitton.

    Chanel Touch isn't local to Toronto - I think it's based just outside of TO, but Cyndee is a member here, and she has the loveliest Chanel and Vuitton collections for sale! She sells on

    Hope this helps out my fellow Torontonians (and Canadians)!
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  6. Hey Ladies,

    There is a nice auction site in Switzerland, some really good Chanel bargains! They ship International!
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  7. Had a wonderful Transaction with siamy2000 on ebay and
    Both sellers went above and beyond, ungraded shipping and great communication.
    ladyrider included a lovely handwritten note.
    Both cases items were better than described.
  8. I believe fashionphile in Beverly Hills, CA also sells pre-owned Chanel.

    They also have a boutique just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I have never purchased anything from them but they seem to be legitimate. They have an ebay store too.
  9. Be sure to have anything you are interested in authenticated.
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    You should remove the recommended seller linda*s***stuff. She is currently selling a FAKE navy jumbo bag on ebay:

    Had great experiences and purchased authentic Chanel from: