Chanel Resellers & Consignment RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY

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  1. #151 Mar 1, 2016
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    I just bought a reissue 226 from onquestyle, a consignment shop. They have stores in Orange County, Ca and they sell online too.
    They accept returns. As a buyer, I recommend onquestyle.
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  3. Freddie is amazing! +1 for fmasarovic
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  4. I am going to give one more vote for Fmasarovic!
    Amazing finds with reasonable price. I had bought a vintage Chanel Kelly earlier this year, and recently got the rare 11" Diana flap. Both are in great condition as described. And the Easter promotion was icing on the cake! I ended up paying less than $2K for the Diana flap. Shipping was super fast, and Freddie answered all my questions in a timely manner. Definitely shop with them again!
  5. I recently purchased a classic flap in m/l from FashionHulu on EBay. Highly recommend them! They had great communication, disclosed all scratches, and listed the bag at a fair price. When I got the bag, it was in better condition than I expected! The bag arrived nicely packaged 2 days after payment went through. Would definitely shop with them again!
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  6. looking_for_luxe on instagram is a fabulous personal shopper, a kind tpfer, and very helpful. Also, she recently partnered with Designer Vault, so they have a great reach. They can check so many places for hard to find items!
  7. I also recommend Luxury Resale Network from Boston, they are great!
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  8. +1 vote for Designer vault. I've cosigned with them and they are very straightforward and easy to deal with. Communication is fast and when I had 100 questions regarding the process, Christina was very patient and took the time to explain everything to me.
  9. I buy and sell from Fashionphile. They describe the quality of their bags in great details. And also provide a lot of detailed pictures. They also allow a 1 month return policy as long as the tag is intact and you haven't worn it. The shipping AND return shipping is free. Their prices are a little higher than most consignment places, but I feel that they are very honest with their description so I'm never disappointed in the items receive...which usually is in excellent conditions. I sold bags from them many times and they always pay me the same amount as what they quote me thru pictures I'd sent online. Never had any discripency. Also, they have a lifetime guarantee that their items are authentic. I would strongly recommend them. They are base in 3 locations in Califorina and also online store.
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  10. I recently purchased a gorgeous vintage Chanel Kelly Bag from Boutique Patina in the US- The entire process was very professional, speedy shipping and my bag arrived in even better condition than I'd expected. Every item has great descriptions and pics and very fair pricing. Would highly recommend!
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  11. I've got to rave about Boutique Patina. I've bought 2 bags from Theresa. Great service, gorgeous pieces. Referred a friend and she bought a vintage jumbo flap, very reasonable, it was in perfect condition when it arrived. My most recent purchase was a beige Claire jumbo single flap. It looks. Brand. New. Will definitely work with her again.

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  13. My updated recommendation list after few years. Ordered by Alpha.
    (P) = Platform; multiple sellers list through this site, so always check the seller, not the site. - one of my favorites. Sells lots of Chanel, Hermes. Also on Portero, Ebay. - based in Atlanta, GA, good selection of Chanel. Also on Ebay. Also on SnobSwap, Ebay. - Based in California. another one of my favorites. Specializes only in Chanel and Hermes. Good vintage selection. Also on Ebay, Portero, SnobSwap. - Specializes in various brands. Based in Japan. Good vintage selection. Also on Ebay, but direct from their website is 10% off, and new users can get an additional 5% off. - Based in California. Started out as an LV specialist but now is one of the largest resellers in the U.S. for pre-owned bags. Good selection of Chanel and Hermes. Also on Ebay. - Specializes mainly in Chanel. Based out of Japan, but super communication and service as owner is North American. Sells through Malleries. Good vintage selection. (formerly Chanel Touch) - Based in Canada. Specializes only in Chanel. Great vintage selection. Sells through Malleries and Portero. - large selection of pre-owned Chanel with huge network. Also has a ton of RTW which is awesome. Also sells on SnobSwap. - Based in NY. Specializes in Chanel and Hermes. Mostly brand new selection, over retail. Also on Portero, Ebay, Tradesy. Ebay and Tradesy name is La Clochette (P) - Website based in PA, but sellers mostly from Asia. Great online shopping mall of various resellers. Site does not disclose origin of bags so you should check for customs considerations prior to purchase, as all sellers vary. - Based in NJ. Specializes mainly in Hermes and Chanel. Unique, collectors' pieces for the Chanel or Hermes collector. Also on Malleries, SnobSwap - Former department store SA turned shop owner, great network and access to good Chanels and Hermes. Also sells on Tradesy. (P) - Based in NY, but sellers from everywhere. Portal site that does not disclose seller identity. Ann's Fab Finds, Boutique Patina, Trendlee and many other sellers sell through this portal. Many Asia sellers (check or inquire for import duties). Often, buying directly from their own site is cheaper if you can find out who the real seller is. (Try a Google Search of a few sentences from the item listing description, can help) - Based in NY/CT. Great selection of some Chanel but more Hermes. Main site is through Malleries. (P) - Newish platform that is set up like Malleries but features more brick-and-mortar stores, almost all from the United States. Good selection of Chanel, but a bit harder to navigate. - Good selection of Chanel. Reliable seller. Sells on Malleries too. - Based in California but ships from New Jersey/NY. Large consignment site that is not a portal. Photos are on the scant side, but great selection and great prices. - Based in New Jersey. Recent heavy hitter of Chanel and other bags. Great pricing. Also on Portero. - Based in Washington state. Great consignment store with good selection of Chanel.

    Ebay sellers (other than the trusted sellers above who list on Ebay):

    fashionhulu - another one of my absolute favorite Chanel sellers. Takes many photos and very honest listings. I love her.
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  14. - specializes in Chanel & LV. More limited Hermes. Tiffany, Chanel, Yurman jewelry. Catherine is the owner. She is in Tampa & does online sales including layaway. Very knowledgeable and reputable. She has a buyback program.
  15. @hauteluxecloset on Instagram always has amazing things. Personally I have never purchased anything through them, but a friend of mine has and she loves it!
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