Chanel Resellers & Consignment RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY

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  1. Wow, seems like a score! I'm glad 1 out of 2 were a huge win for you! (the other was beautiful too). I agree, is one of my top go-to's, along with AFF...
  2. I have purchased from ebay seller anadesign. Great communication and fast shipping...overall a very positive experience.
  3. I bought from modaselle, a consignment boutique in Vancouver, BC, Canada shipped to USA. They have a website and they sell on eBay. The service was perfect. They included the bag, dust bag, authenticity card, box, tag, care instructions, tissue paper, and polishing cloth that came with the bag. The bag is in like new condition except for minor wear on the hardware. They also offer 14 day returns.

  4. Repeat customer back to Patina for my first birkin after buying a vintage flap and she is amazing! Not only did she give me an incredible price for being a repeat customer but she literally text messaged me night and day about my bag how to take care of it store it etc. she sent me links for storage products and we talk now on a daily basis haha! She is about as amazing of a seller as you can get hands down! I have nothing but positive praise for her!!
  5. Cheers to u and your new Birkin! I would definitely do business again with BP :biggrin:
  6. Rewind Vintage in London is superb for buying and selling. Appointment Only. Claudia will ship worldwide. Mainly Chanel and Hermes. Second-hand and in pristine condition. Check out their website: :smile:
  7. Forgot to post here - I had a very pleasant experience at Bag It! in Singapore. I was allowed to inspect and take pictures of bags in every angle I wanted (good for if you require additional authentication) and they were just generally very friendly and cooperative to me. I've heard bad stories about some consignment stores (and their staff) in SG so just wanted to point this one out as good! Only shame is that they don't really keep a website.
  8. This is only for resellers you can personally recommend please. Thanks!
  9. I am very happy with they paid me more money than another store of the same kind. And I got my check just in a few days...thanks :biggrin:
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    Xupes in the UK are brilliant! Excellent stock. They sell online, on eBay or you can visit their fabulous shop. Their handbag expert is Reece; he's a babe and goes out of his way to find what you want.
  11. I just got my bag on Friday of this week, it's a Chanel Vintage Black Caviar Jumbo bag. I opened it and it is AMAZING! The bag was purchased from Boutique Patina. It was just as described and there's no doubt about its authenticity, but Patina did provide me with a complimentary authentication with Etinceler Authentications that I utilized for record purposes. Prior to making the purchase I was just a bit apprehensive about spending the money, but once I made the decision I was firm with it and I couldn't be more pleased. My bag is like new and it's a vintage. I highly recommend Patina. I will give the firm 5 stars in ever area as it relates to the services they provide.

    I hope this helps you all!

  12. I bought several Chanel vintage cuffs from last week. Jeremy was SO helpful!

    Apparently they do consignment and personal shopping as well. I haven't tried these services yet.
  13. :hbeat: I too have just purchased from Boutique Patina online ( ). It is my very first CHANEL and I did A LOT of research first. Including stalking TPF of course, so a BIG THANK YOU LADIES:heart::heart::heart:. It is a vintage single flap jumbo with large CC's and was listed in excellent condition, but WOWZA, WOWZA. It looks mint. Also, received the complimentary Etinceler Authentication. This made me feel more confident in my purchase with bag unseen (also the ability to return was a must for me).
    I recommend speaking directly to Theresa on the phone. She was lovely, insightful and most of all knowledgeable. A great experience for me.

  14. I also have personally purchased from Lbjdlaw and Boutique Patina - with excellent communication and goods.
  15. Like others I will add my recommendation for Boutique Patina. I've made two purchases with Theresa in the last year and she has been super responsive and patient with my many questions.
    Packages arrived timely and well presented. I will most certainly shop with Boutique Patina again.