Chanel Pearl Necklace

  1. Hi everyone,did any one know where can I find Chanel white pearl necklace around $700 -$900 but not those over thousand.Any Chanel stores,Saks,Nordstorm or Neiman Marcus have it:girlsigh:,also can give me the style number and phone number.Thank you!
  2. [​IMG]

    ^Timeless Classic Pearl necklace: $695
    Picture from the reference library courtesy of taygalchi.
  3. [​IMG]

    ^More pictures courtesy of zerodross.

    Hers were $795. Not sure if they're a different size or something?

    Either way, the price on them went up with the recent price increase so they may be more than $795 now.
  4. Hi Missisa07,I just went to Ala Moana Chanel this afternoon,the SA told me they only have the long one cost around $1100.Where can I find the one at the picture.Thank You.
  5. NM store has it in gold color.
  6. You can call Lisa Hamlin 248-635-8442 and tell her Elly refer you.
  7. I honestly have no idea. I've never really looked into getting Chanel pearls, so I never took the time to look at them and the prices. :shame:
  8. Hi,Mylilsnowy do you have any style number.Thank You!
  9. ^You should try PMing taygalchi and zerodross. Perhaps one of them kept the receipt/tags/box and can relay you the style #. :yes:
  10. Damien at Saks in PA said they had the gold and the silver in stock as of about 10 days ago. I don't know the stock number, but he can get it for you. If I recall it is $765.

    His number is (610)667-1550 ext 258. I don't know the reference number, but he can get it for you.
  11. NM Charlotte has the missisa07 posted in gold (I saw it in person today). It is $795. 704-442-7900 you can ask for Natasha.
  12. ^Holy cow, is it real gold or something? I've never seen those. Big price difference from mine which I guess is only white enamel with pearls and crystals ($195 I think).
  13. I wish! They are just costume jewerly. I want the $195 ones you have! Did you buy them recently??
  14. I can give you the style no when i get home:smile:
  15. aww looking at these is making me drool again! me wanty!