Chanel Patent easy to take care?

  1. can the classic chanel 2.55 patent double handle strap be made to be longer into single handle?

    how do u take care of patent bags, for ladies who already own patent chanels, does it get sticky over time, if you are in tropical climate (hot and wet)?

    how much is the 2.55 patent?

  2. I am in humid and hot Texas and I wore my navy jumbo patent all summer with no problems at all! It seems super durable to me.
  3. I honestly think that Chanel patent is easier to take care of then caviar leather, and obviously easier to take care of than lambskin. It can so easily be wiped clean. :yes: Plus it's pretty much liquid-proof, so you don't have to worry too much about stains.
  4. really i tot caviar leather is the most easy to take care...can you pls tell me why caviar leather is not so easy to take care? i tot leather - just wipe it with leather cream? but patent, once it gets sticky there's nothing we can do to get the condition back again...

    do u use your patent bag often?
  5. please would you tell me if you use your jumbo navy patent often, like everyday and you air it all the time when you don't use it?
  6. I own both patent and caviar bags. Caviar is very sturdy compared to lambskin, but between caviar and patent, I think patent is the more durable/easier to clean material. :yes: Just my 2 cents.
  7. i live in manila, where summer is year-round! haven't been having any problems with any of my patents (although i am a bit O-C when it comes to my bags, hehe).
  8. may i ask how many years have you kept your patent chanel? do u use it often?
  9. gosh..i really wanna know about this too..since I live in tropical country..only 2 season..rain and hot..geezzz..I wish I was in States..and the worst part..we don't have Chanel boutique here :cursing: I've been thinking about buy this bag.. love it!!!!
  10. you'll need to make sure you keep them in a dry cool place like a cabinet with dehumidifier or something. don't expose your patent bags too much in hot sunlight, like displaying them near a window or something for some time. you'll just need to baby them when it comes to 'keeping' wise but for maintenance, patent leather is the easiest to maintain imo. i'm a sucker for patent!!
  11. Depends on color, I live in mid TX, and took white patent for a spin during summer, and part of it turn yellow few days later :crybaby:
  12. Wow! great to hear!
    I love patent, but was concerned it wouldn't hold up well or at least not as good as caviar.
  13. I use my patent bowler a lot in rainy conditions and it is holding up great!!
  14. HI there--I used my navy patent all summer. It was my go-to bag! I just let it sit in my closet when not it use. Don't know if that is the best, but so far so good for me.
  15. :graucho::graucho:I'm getting tempted to get a black patent flap - instead of a black caviar flap.
    I guess I had a seed planted that patent was not as durable as the caviar, but this thread is changing my mind :smile: