Chanel only for middle-aged women?

  1. My husband bought me a chanel classic flap and a chanel wallet as a birthday gift. So when I told my friend (because she asked) about the chanel bag, she was like - "my mom has a chanel bag. i don't like chanel bags because they are for middle aged women."
    The nerve of that b****. What's her point? I love, love, love the bag. I just don't get why she didn't keep her comment to herself... I didn't like her gucci bag his husband gave her (it looks ninewest to me) but I didn't tell her that because her husband gave it to her and i don't want to make her feel bad. Maybe she's just jealous, i don't know.... :huh:
  2. She is totally jealous! I am sure she knows how expensive your purse and wallet is! Dont worry about it. Chanel is classic and timeless. Mischa Barton, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, all proud Chanel wearings and last time I check they were not only stylish but definately not middle aged!

    Enjoy your stuff!!

  3. Sounds like jealousy. Don't mind her any attention. I think chanel flap's are ageless. See all the young celeb's carrying their flap's? They look great and so will you.
  4. i'm 22, and i own three chanels... granted my friends call me "grandma" because I sleep a lot and i love giving out cookies, but in NO WAY AM I MIDDLE AGED. Chanel is for anyone who can afford and appreciate it. it is all about personal tastes and styles.. so wear what you like and respect others for their tastes as well :smile: im so happy and a bit envious that you have such a generous husband! you will enjoy that chanel, believe me! for ages and ages to come, middle aged and beyond!
  5. She didn't keep her comment to herself because she's a hater. You, on the other hand, are obviously not a jealous person as well as a good friend because you didn't tell her you don't like her Gucci.

    I had a friend (notice I said, "HAD") like her. Any time I got something new, she would either deliberately ignore it (I'm talking brand new LARGE Vuitton bag or whatever) and act like she didn't see it. Or, she would find some way to put it down. I would just laugh because she wanted to be me. Period. ;) My husband spoils me rotten and she didn't get that from her husband. Sad- but HER PROBLEM!

    Anyway, not only is she not being a good friend in this case but she doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

    The chanel classic is timeless AND ageless! And anyone with just a little bit of class knows it!

    Congratulations! Your husband is wonderful and I sure would like to see a picture of it! Enjoy!
  6. That is definitely not true. I say (like others have) that she is just jealous.
  7. Just her own insecurity and jealousy shining through. Just like Boxyandme said >> Look at all the young celebs carrying them. So, don't let it bother you. Wear it with pride!
  8. Check Sex in the City, there are a lot of Chanel bags-obviously I am a big fan. It sounds like your friend has a little jealously. Yes, I am 42-that maybe middle aged and I take my Chanel out to dinner. My husband is 7 years my junior and I still fit in low cut jeans, size 6 or 7. I don't feel that old.
    If I thought something was in anyway making me feel old or dated I would not be using it.
    My mother never had a Chanel bag. She did wear Chanel #5.
    Last time I was in Saks the 20 something SA showed me a beautiful Chanel she had just bought and had in the back of the store. She was a very pretty young girl with a beautiful engagement ring. I get the impression Chanel is coming back with the younger crowd.
    Personally, I think Chanel anything will always be a class act. The brand name is very old, maybe that is why some people think that way.
    On the other hand, sometimes I see way too much Gucci around here and usually on the wrong people. I like some Gucci, but fake Gucci is very popular in Philly. I like the newer patent leather and Boston Bags. The other day I was in NM and I saw two very well to do looking 50 something women with their real Gucci bags.
    In summary, I think Gucci is just as middle aged or not middle aged as Chanel. I agree it is a matter of personal preference, too.
    However, I just think Chanel and Hermes brands carry the most class.
    Your friends comments definitely lack both class and etiquette.
    P.S. I think you have a sweet husband!
  9. I guess if Misha Barton is middle aged!!!!! ROFL!
    Or if I'm middle aged! I'm 31!
    Or how about IntlSet and Cristina!?

    No way is the answer to that!
  10. Your friend is obviously jealous and just retorted back the first thing that popped in her head. That means she really liked your Chanel ... I wouldn't worry about it. Watch, next time you see her, she'll be carrying a Chanel!
  11. with friends like that why do you need enemies?:blink:
  12. Definitely not true!!! I can't remeber right not, but i remember someone telling me that when they saw my chanel (I think it was my ex roomate)....I agree with the rest of the gals here about your friend just being jealous. Ignore it and enjoy your new chanels!!
  13. NO way is a Chanel classic middle aged - I would kill to have one!I think you must have a cool husband - I would be so pleased if my boyfriend bought me one of those!! Your friend is jealous or no real friend - tell her that Kate Moss has been toting a Chanel recently - what more do you need to say?!
  14. Just ignore her. You got a lovely husband who got you wonderful gifts. Don't let someone who's being catty affect your lovely items.
  15. Sounds like sour grapes to me.