Chanel o-case :)

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  1. Need help! Want a document holder from Chanel, i think they call it: o-case?
    Is it anyone who know the price in euro or availability? Is it hard to find?

    Many questions, here is the picture (borrow it from another tpf)

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  2. I think these were from last summer, I looked at the smaller versions.... I'm not sure if these were repeated again....
  3. I have a document case that is very similar to this, except it has a flap and magnetic snap closure... It was $1k I believe and that was maybe 4 years ago...
  4. What abt this one? It's sorta like that one... My SA called it a tech case. $1450... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397889368.867625.jpg
  5. I have this case in plain caviar with stitched CCs from S/S 2012 and have used it a lot. It works when stuffed "fatter" and can accommodate a sunglass case, big wallet, keys, and cell phone no problem.

    Would love to know if anyone has seen this quilted one in the states recently- I'd buy another in a heartbeat!
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    Ok! Thanks for your answer :smile: where they made in smaller versions?

    Wow! Wanna see :smile:

    Yes, like that one too!lol! U make me wanna have this too :smile:

    Yes, i think its a perfect case. Wanna show yours?:smile:

  7. Yes they were flat like that one u posted but bottom edges were rounded... Retailed $375 usd... Only came in black caviar and lamb and I think the sueded pink caviar? It fit an iPhone perfectly I thought it was ideal as a card case for mini or small bags...
  8. Thanks for the info :smile:

  9. Hi... Do u mean this? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398011173.520962.jpg

  10. No not this .... The one I'm talking about is a lil bigger.... Can fit iPhone but it's not one of those new cell phone case wallets.... The inside lined w nylon too like the large clutch version....

  11. I think I know the one you are talking about... I think I came across in Instagram on one if the reseller accout

  12. Is this the one you are looking for??
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    No they haven't remade them this year I keep looking all over the net and can't find a single pic!!

    Like this I think, it's larger than standard card case or key pouch

    Here's better pic ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398094789.342480.jpg

    I found those to be a great size.... I wished they had made them in more colors.... They only offered black lamb or caviar w gold or silver last summer....
  14. Thats nice :smile:
    I wish there was a "middle" size, a little bit bigger than yours and smaller then the one i posted on the 1st picture. Lol.. :lol:
  15. I don't own one I considered it but wanted a colored one not black....