Chanel New Luxe Line

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  1. I looked at the new Chanel line this weekend. Very pretty. Very pricey. I am not sure about having a bag lined inside with leather. Wouldn't this make it harder to keep nice?
  2. Which bag are you talking about-I got a lux line leather iNSIDE of it...????
  3. I think she talked about the flat shopping tote. I got the shop tote which has beige leather lining inside.

    Actually I have a prada bag with leather lining. I just use baby wiper to clean it. IMO, i dont think that is hard to maintain.
  4. You got the flat shopping tote? What color? I am on the waiting list for that bag. Do you like it? Is it a good size?
  5. The flat tote comes with two sizes, one is bigger like weekend bag and another is smaller, the size for smaller is around 13"x12". I didnt get the big one is because the handle of this tote is kind of short compared to handles for a totel. But I can still put it on my shoulder with my down jacket one.;) I ordered the red one cause the color of red is just stunning. I didn't get the metalic series which is a hot hot hit this season for Chanel. I am really not a big fan for everything which is shining.:huh: According to the ad, this is limited edition and I was told the leather is goatskin which is very durable compared to lambskin.
  6. oh can you post a pic of it...

  7. oh, you are so lucky. i cant wait to see pictures
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