Chanel isn’t for ‘poor’ people?

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  1. I read an article today on another site, where someone described how they saved up for months to buy their dream bag, a Chanel (can’t remember which bag but it doesn’t matter). This person isnt rich, nor even well off but saved all her spending money until she had enough and she was super excited to buy it from a Chanel boutique. But the treatment she received was less than stellar so my question is, what are your thoughts on this?
    Apparently the SA treated her like she shouldn’t even be there, and after telling her the bag she was interested in was not available, another customer was shown that exact bag in front of this person. She got the feeling that because she told the SA it was something she saved up for, over a long period, the SA was not interested in selling to her because *assuming* she would not be a frequent customer or maybe even buy another item at all. In other words she was treated badly, and made to feel ‘too poor’ to buy something even though she had the cash on her.

    Now myself I am not rich by any means. But I do have enough to live comfortably and have some play cash. Not enough to buy a several thousand dollar bag every month! In fact I only have two bags which can be considered in the luxury category- a classic flap medium lamb in black (which was willed to me), and my only big purchase, a python classic flap medium (the opportunity fell into my hands I got it at an estate auction and had some money in the bank). Rest of my bags are not exactly low end (higher end Coach bags like the Dreamer exotic etc) but still below 1000.00 - And I’ve never been in an actual Chanel boutique so I kind of feel compassion for the lady in the article. (Would I be treated in the same way for example?)

    Thoughts on this subject?
  2. If you genuinely planned to spend money in any store (not just Chanel), but got mistreated by one SA...
    My advice is: walk out of the boutique, get a drink and walk back in 15 minutes, find/catch another SA, have a chat and see if you like the treatment. My many years of shopping experiences had taught me, usually the second or third SA would be the perfect friendly and super helpful one.
    Regardless it's Chanel, Hermes or Cartier, there would always be SAs that you loved or hated, so consider it as a blind date when you walk in the store for the first time/your usual SA is on leave.
    There is no need to think too much on their attitude/the implied message/your own appearance. Whenever you see an idiot SA treated you or others like trash, just think of him/her as not interested at making commission or keep his/her job.
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    My thought is this person should just find another sales associate. There’s good and bad salespeople everywhere. Perhaps the person in article was young? At my age I will not subject myself to rude sales people. Ask for a manager. Say thank you and come back another time and try a different sales person. Whatever.
  4. I don’t purchase Chanel but no matter the retailer that behavior is despicable.

    The SAs job is to sell. That woman was there to buy. The SA did not do their job and sent a very unwelcoming gross message.

    Sure you could go just shake it off & go find another SA, but I can just imagine how this person felt. That treatment should just not happen. 1st impressions are usually the longest lasting. Having a crap 1st experience (and that treatment is crap) in any store would definitely color my opinion of them. Sure maybe she doesn’t have a lot of money now, but who knows what her future holds?
    It reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She did not go back to the store where she got crap treatment & instead spent the $ elsewhere.

    I remember browsing around Tiffany’s in NYC in high school and everyone was so nice. I remember ages ago my X gasping at how much the exotic LV bags were in the 5th Ave NYC store & the kind associates laughing with him & talking about the bags. Kindness goes a long way. I still love both these brands and feel my initial impressions have a LOT to do with it.
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  5. This is one reason I don't buy Chanel much. I've rarely been well-treated in their boutiques, and that includes when I am walking in with a Birkin on my arm. I feel like it's part of the training and it gives me a bad feeling about the house overall.
    Chanel in Beverly Hills is a few stores down from Hermès so I've done a fair amount of direct comparison in that city, but have felt this elsewhere as well.
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  6. Imo, this subject is whiny/annoying.
    And in every forum.
    I question this: what are your expectations of someone selling a handbag?
    If there's no calliope music & dancing bears holding drink trays, is it bad service?
    I was told a bag wasn't available, so left.
    It was there next visit.
    Should I scream racism? Favoritism? Yell for more booze & dancing bears?

    On another note, do you expect car salesmen & realtors to fawn all over customers?
    Because they don't.:-s And their products cost way more than chanel.
    Maybe I'm doing stuff all wrong.
  7. I have never been treated with anything but respect from realtors. I have walked out on car sales people who play games though & purchased elsewhere. In this day & age with the internet - we know how much we should be paying for xxx vehicle. If I’m there to purchase, I don’t want to play games. I especially hate the “it’s only xxx dollars a month!” when they haven’t bothered to find out if you’re financing any of it.
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  8. Nope, you are not wrong at all.
    It’s the blog/YouTube, someone shared their perfect shopping experiences, because it’s for blog/YouTube, the SA give out freebies, ie perfume samples, coffee table books, gift wrapping with ribbons, just to impress. All of a sudden, everyone thinks when they walk in a boutique there would be champagne, books, free samples and a super helpful SA that would made calls to 35 different stores just to track your dream bag down.
    The reality is, no one would do that. Often I saw 15+ customers and 6 SAs in the store, there is no time for champagne and shared jokes. It’s more like buying burger in McDonald’s. You say your order clearly, they tell you whether it’s available or not.
    If you don’t want anything, then they will serve the next person.
  9. I can’t really relate to that. I’m 22 and I’ve been to Chanel boutiques in both Paris and Rome and they were always very kind and helpful even when I did not buy anything. (One time in Rome we misunderstood the price of a watch and realized it when we tried to pay but there wasn’t enough money in my mothers account.:nuts: So embarrassing... But both SA’s and we just laughed about it:lol: and I just bought my earrings instead.)

    And last time I went to Chanel boutique I visited the same boutique 3 times in the same day because I wasn’t sure if i was ready to spend that much money on a bag. They were very kind each time and they provided a SA each time to help me.
    Once I was sure on getting the bag my SA was kind enough to let me try on different ones and give me tips on how to care for my first Chanel bag etc.

    So i don’t think it’s has anything to do with being rich. Because I’ve heard people “richer” than me getting treated bad too...
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  10. I know Chanel SAs can be snobby or even curt at times, but I don’t think they play the class card that hard. I’d hazard to guess that other customer shown the bag the article writer wanted was probably on a wait list or had the SA hold the bag for her earlier. If I were her i’d boldly ask why that bag wasn’t shown to me, and demand to see the manager if I don’t receive a satisfactory explanation.
  11. I've never had a problem .. in fact I browse more than I buy (Chanel that is .. more of an LV girl ) and even then I've had fabulous service. If someone is rude to me while shopping at any store, I get a manager and have them remedy the situation. .. But yes, just do business with another SA. No one person's attitude is a reflection of an entire company or in this case, a fashion house.
  12. From my perspective, Chanel isn´t just simply selling handbags.
    They sell (expensive) dreams.
    I certainly don´t expect any store to roll out the red carpet or shower me with champagne upon arrival.
    I´m not the Queen.
    But I also don´t want anyone to make me feel like I´m not "worthy" enough to be served.

    Chanel puts a lot of effort into the outer appearance (nicely styled boutiques, staff uniform etc) and the level of
    service should reflect that as well.
    Just my two cents. :flowers:
  13. No one can "make" you feel unworthy.
    Without your consent.:flowers:
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  14. If you don't want to hear people's experience of buying handbags....

    If you don't want to hear from people who expect a lot from luxury boutiques....

    If you find such talk "whiny and annoying".....

    Wellllllll.... :thinking:
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  15. Well I got contempt in Polish luxury pre-owned boutique for the fact I don't carry £10000 in cash (really???).
    Guess I wouldn't share how I got the money (saving/rich hubz/annual bonus) - it's not SAs problem's, as somebody said here their goal (like their personal objective) is to sell. I am not rich, just prioritise to have £ for bags and clothes. Typically go to a boutique modestly dressed (not cheap, not lavish) and am always treated respectfully (even or especially at Hermes in London) though without massive excitement. I reckon you should go there and focus on what you want to buy and ensure they look for the item if not available (eg. they did that for me in Selfridges to find WOC somewhere near Harrods).
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