CHANEL grand shopper tote

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a bigger size besides the Chanel Grand shopping tote?
  2. There's actually several Chanel bags referred to as the Grand Shopping tote.
    I assume you mean the caviar one I attached a photo of?
    If so, no, the 'Grand' is that style's largest size. Of coursse there are plenty of other Chanel bags that are larger, but not in that style.
  3. o yes this is the one but i read that theres going to be a jumbo Grand Shopping tote coming out... is this true ?
  4. I want that bag!! What is the retail??
  5. $1650
  6. If anyone sees one of these please let me know!!
  7. There's several at my NM . . . some one moved Shannon's card, but it's in Plano, TX @ the Shops of Willowbend. Call and ask for Shannon, she had at least one black and one brown, maybe even more.
    Tell her Amanda said Hi!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Anyone know the measurements of the grand?
  10. I heard there was a larger version of that bag coming out too. Wonder when we will see it IRL? I have two Grand Shopping Totes and LOVE them both. They can tend to feel heavy on long shopping trips...
  11. I've never heard of a larger version. . . interesting!
  12. I'm SERIOUSLY considering getting this bag... The only one thing is that there is no zip top to cover the whole purse.. Only the middle section. Any opinions? what are the measurements of the middle zip part? Can it hold much?? Thanks -Elaine
  13. oh-mi-gosh that CHANEL shopper I want it!!!!
  14. I remember looking at one in the store and thinking it was too small. Perhaps I was looking at a medium size. Can anyone please tell me what the dimensions of the grand are? Also, what are the dimensions of the inside zipper area?

    One more very important question... I also remember thinking I would have trouble getting the shoulder strap to fit comfortably over my heavy winter coat. Does this bag have a long enough strap?
  15. I don't have the measurements as I don't have the bag anymore.
    The inner zippered portion is pretty good size, I remember it could hold my massive wallet and some keys or other small items as well.
    So if you're concerned, you could definitely fot your wallet in there and zip it.
    But it's LARGE, the small is close to half the size.
    Yes, the Grand's straps wouls easily fit over a coat.