Chanel Flap Experts: What are your thoughts on Pink Flaps???

  1. Ladies,

    I'm considering getting a pink flap. I think it's a really classic and cool take on such a beautifully made bag. What are your thoughts on them?

    I already have a Jumbo Classic Caviar in Black and a Cerf Tote in Black.
  2. I love the pink Chanel makes:love: it's perfect against tweed outfits and darker colours esp black and a true Chanel classic.:yes:
  3. I think the pink is a great Chanel bag b/c it is just so feminine and pretty. If you're one of those people who is really in to color, I think it's a must.
  4. Since you have black, which is a staple, then why not go for something colorful such as pink? (Beware as this will lead you to the top run of the kiddie slide and will leave you wanting more -- and that's why we're all here to assist you :smile:
  5. While I love pink as a color, I never wear it, so a pink flap would never be for me. But if you like pink, why not get a pink flap? A burst of color is always nice, plus I do think pink looks great on everyone:tup:
  6. i personally love the pink flaps
    especially the hot pink!!!
  7. I'm not an expert- but I would love a pink flap (caviar, MM lock) someday- if they ever make one!
  8. I saw a mini pink caviar on sale at Saks last year and I passed it up. It was the worst decision that I ever made. Get a pink flap!
  9. my pink flap is my most favorite of the colors! definitely get one!
  10. I'm nowhere near to being a Chanel "expert", and I don't have a pink classic flap but IMO the classic flap looks great in ANY colour, and the pink is just so feminine! I love it! Chanel's pinks are just wonderful.
  11. ITA. I love pink, but I doubt I would ever get a pink flap.

    I have seen other TPFers pink flaps though and they're GORGEOUS. They just don't match well for me. If you love pink, then why not? You really can't go wrong with a classic flap, period. :love:
  12. I have a pink lambskin flap and love it! The lambskin is so soft and the pink is so soft. It's the most feminine bag that I own:love:
  13. ditto.. i love how the caviar pink looks but can never persuade myself to get one because i just know i wouldnt be able to match any outfit with it.
  14. Also the same reason why I have yet to acquire any pink handbags by Chanel or by any brand. :yes:

    If you can imagine wearing a pink bag with your already existing wardrobe then go for it. :yes: Think of the colors you normally wear and whether a pink flap would be practical. :yes:

    I just noticed that I way overuse that nod smiley lol.
  15. I almost got one in Barcelona. It was the bubblegum pink. The color is so vibrant and pretty. It didn't come home with me because it as lambskin.