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  1. These are the coolest freakin cupcakes I've ever seen :love:

    This girl called "Lil' Missy Cupcake" on Flickr does amazing things w/ pastries, she is so talented! I totally want to order from her.


  2. woah Ö_Ö these look gorgeous, wondering if they taste good as well
  3. Cooool......look delicious.
  4. Wow very neat. It would be cool if Sprinkles cupcakes did this!!
  5. Omg I Want Them!!
  6. Oh my goodness...I cannot get over the little Birkins! So freaking cute!!!
  7. its soo cute!
  8. omigod..this is so cuteee.. can't stop looking at it.. the birkin is gorgeous.. maybe I should order the mini me Birkin since I can't afford real Birkin for now :idea:
  9. omg, this is too cute!
  10.'s so adorable, i feel like ordering them and see if i can keep it as a display...LOLLL

    I guess not....anyway, it looks very delicious and i'm SOO HUNGARY...LOL
  11. OMG... I want these. I wouldn't even eat them though -I'd shellac them with spray and just stare at them, LOL
  12. Those cupcakes are precious!!! Will be so sad to take a bite out of those...they do look yummy though!!!
  13. So cute!
  14. yummie, so cute
  15. Oh my god ! I haven't seen cutest cupcakes ! It's a shame I live in France because I can't order them..........