Chanel Cruise 16/17 Cuba!

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  1. Hi - I loved the tote you purchased but I didn't like how the shorter handles sat when I had the bag on my shoulder using the long straps. That's why I went with the tote. It's not heavy and a good every day bag. I was originally going to get The LV Montaigne Empreinte but I thought the quality was not the best or maybe it was a returned bag at LV? I preferred the shoulder strap on the Chanel as the strap hardware will pivot and it sits well on the shoulder. Hth! :smile:
  2. I agree about the top handles I've asked the SA to look for the one you got. Hopefully they are still around and that cruise actually has a good variety of totes this season. Thanks for your help.
  3. Mine

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    A Chanel boutique currently has this in a square mini. The SA said it was calfskin. It is beautiful! Interior is Navy blue. It's the only one left; left over from the Cuba cruise collection. So tempted to get it. Does anyone have this? View attachment 3877974

    Here’s the runway picture.