Chanel Caviar Medium Flap (which one to choose?)


Oct 11, 2018
Hello Ladies/Guys!
I'm in dilemma.
As you know, the classic flap's price hike up so high even in preloved market, due to recent Chanel price increase :sad:
And now I found 3 sellers selling theirs and kinda good price (imo). But I really not sure which one to go for?

#18 series, SHW - 3980USD. Full set with receipt, but probably need to send for bagspa or polish alittle as owner has not been using and store in wardrobe. Leather looks abit dry if want to be picky.
#20 series, SHW - 4800USD. Full set with receipt. Leather looks puffier and shinier than #18 series.
#25 series, GHW - 5600USD. Full set with receipt. Condition is close to Brand New.

I would say their condition are great to excellent. Overall, all bags have no scuff, and even HW also no obvious scratches.

Possible to give me some advice? (if you were me) I am fine with either HW colour. Thank you!
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