Chanel Cambon Tote authenticity tips

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  1. Hello and thanx since now for your help!:smile:
    I'm completely new to Chanel and i'm in love with the Cambon line.:love: I think i'm not the only one here!!:lol: Now,i have the chance to buy a one year old medium tote in beige/black for about 450 euro. If you were me,what would you look the most to check authenticity? What are the most usual fake signs i should search for? What "screams" fake? I know it's very difficult to say without pics,almost impossible, :shame: and my questions look very silly this way...i'd like to have just a first guide to follow. I know the hologram code matches the one on the card, the handle eyelets are centered in the diamonds.The bag has a zipper closure.The seller had only one pic of it , told me she bought it the last year in Dubai.Anyone can help or give any suggestion?? Thanx a lot anyway :amuse:
    • be sure the stitchings on the cc logos are even and smooth. take a look how the authentic cambon tote looks like and compare.
    • lining should be black, and i remeber the beige/black totes are made in france.
    • the strap with the lobster claw that's inside the bag should also be beige with nothing attached to it, ie a coin purse.
    • and ask for more pictures, if she refuses, i don't recommend buying it good deal or not.
  2. Thanx a lot Savannah!:amuse: You've been very kind....i'll follow your advices!!;)
  3. I have the flap tote Ligne Cambon- I can take detailed pics of it for you..Let me know!
    good luck!
  4. Thanx a lot Jill,already PMed you!!;)
  5. Usually sellers selling fake cambon bags will use an old booklet. If it is black with gold trim I would be leary of buying the bag. Also, make sure the bag tag is not black!!!!

  6. Thanx Michele!!:shame:
    Would it be helpful for you if i show you the only pic available??Thanx a lot:amuse:
  7. Sure, It cant hurt to show a picture!! Also, this way other members can also give you a good opinion
  8. Ok!!;) I never did it,how can i post a pic?:shame: :shame: Thanx!
  9. go to post reply, then click on the paper clip looking button. you can attach pix that way.
  10. Thanx a lot Savannah!!!:shame: Hope it shows now!! I have this pic only...though i know it won't be enough i thought to post it anyway!!;) Thanx everybody,you're great! And a special thanx goes to Jill who spent part of her busy busy day for me....:amuse: :shame:
  11. i think you need to post more pics....

    by the way here is mine.....
    beige cambon A.jpg
  12. Oh,thanx a lot!!I'll try to compare them :amuse: Unfortunately that pic is the only one i have..:sad2: THANX!!!:biggrin:
  13. Oh, i forgot :huh: Does yours have a zipped closure? Thanx!;)
  14. is the seller from eBay ?
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