Chanel Black Satin versus Noir Ceramic

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  1. What, exactly, is the difference?
  2. I have Noir Ceramic which is a black with a hint of shimmer. I don't own Black Satin, but I do believe it's just a black cream with no shimmer.
  3. black satin has no shimmer, just a lot of shine but it is flat black. noir ceramic is more gunmetal black w/ shimmer. i personally prefer NC but it was BS that was the big hit for Chanel
  4. Black Satin, has shimmer! but the slightest amount. It's also a jet black! Noir Ceramic, is more of a dark gunmetal color with more shimmer.

    It was the Black Satin released in France that was a flat black, that gave off the look of vinyl. The Black Satin in the US had shimmer, which gave it more of a Satin finish!

    I wore Black Satin for a month straight! hahaha I looooooove that stuff. I have another bottle somewhere........ HTH!
  5. I love them both. I think that Noir Ceramic is more chic for this season. It is a bit darker than CND Hyde in the Dark. If that helps. I have a vast collection of black and dark nail polishes. So if you want me to take pictures of a few let me know
  6. Yes!! Please post some pics! I love dark polish so would love to see your collection! :tup:
  7. I have both and perfer the Black satin, there is a little shimmer, but the ceramic seems more like a greyish black....
  8. I have both. Black Satin is very in your face whereas Noir Ceramic is a more understated sparkly gray.
  9. cool when i go to the store i'll stop at sally's and get some fake nails .... I just got a manicure otherwise i'd just do it on my nails.
  10. i lvoe both, but NC just a touch more as its slightly different as its gunmetal color as some one else mentioned! ithink tis AMAZINg, were is balck satin is a normal straight up black
  11. [​IMG]

    hope that helps!
  12. Do you guys think I will still be able to find the noir ceramic in stores??