Chanel Beige Jumbo Or Red Boy Bag?

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  1. Hello!!
    I would like your opinion on which bag to get. I have a black Jumbo GHW and a Black M/L flap in SHW.

    For as long as I have known Chanel I have wanted the Beige Jumbo with GHW. But when I had finally saved enough for it last year it got discontinued and I was devastated. Now I am on the top of the priority list for the beige when it hits the stores here.

    But now im confused. Since I got the Black Jumbo I realize its a heavy bag. I dont know how much bigger the beige will look in the Jumbo size since its a lighter color as well. Also there is the issue of colour transfer with beige. I may end up limiting its use to when Im dressed in light colours. But then again its a Classic Flap and in Beige its so pretty!!!

    And now I'm also smitten with the Le Boy bag. The red quilted boy bag with GHW is also coming out in Fall...but I dont know if the HW for the fall is shiny or aged. I think it looks stunning in red. Probably lighter in Old Medium, fits as much as Jumbo although its smaller and less issues with colour transfer , But again its in Lambskin and probably prone to scratches.

    So which one do I get?

    Should I get the Boy Bag now and get a lighter chanel CF next year. They may not bring back the beige so I may have to wait a while before they get a light shade I love ( maybe Taupe or a dark beige)?

    Or should I just get the Beige CF and Boy Bags will always come and go in may fun seasonal shapes and sizes?
  2. I have the Beige Jumbo GHW and NEVER use it... I am Afraid of color transfer or just regular wear and tear... I would suggest you get something carefree and classic..
    Good Luck
  3. Get the beige CF - it's a true classic. I have the m/l and it gets so many compliments. It truly goes with everything. I also have a black jumbo GHW. I find myself loving the beige more
  4. I think you would love the boy bag, it is lighter and it will add variety to your collection. Wait till next year for the ideal CF, maybe there is a color you might love!
    red is super yummy!
  5. There are always red boys. I love my beige classic m/l with gold hw and it's a classic. However I used to have it in the jumbo size and found it too bulky and sold it...
  6. My vote is for beige cf! It is such a gorgeous bag and such a classic! I have it in jumbo w gold and medium w silver, both in caviar. I don't wear them w any denim and have not had any issues with color transfer. I don't understand why they discontinued it but I think if you can get it you should. The boy has been coming out with new styles every season so it doesn't look like it's going anywhere! Beige CF first and then boy :smile: I may be a bit biased though, I have 7 flaps in 5 different colors lol Good luck with your decision and please keep us posted!
  7. My vote is for the boy as I personally don't like beige and will be afraid to use it in case it gets dirty. You did mention about the jumbo being heavy and this is very true as I hardly ever use my jumbo.There is actually a red calfskin boy bag with GHW for summer season but I got the red caviar from pre fall as I prefer caviar leather and RHW.
  8. So far 3 for CF and 3 for the boy bag.

    How about the gold caviar thats expected to be out in the fall? Chanel metallic is durable or there would be issues with the gold rubbing off?
  9. i have the black jumbo but hardly use it because its too heavy, and i have the beige in M/L and also hardly use it because its too small, can't wear cross body and colour transfer issues, end up the old medium boy bag is my most used bag because its so easy to wear and carefree. so i say get the boy bag.
  10. i was in the same situation as you last year - but it was between m/l beige vs black boy. i ended up getting the beige and have never carried it lol. but i don't regret getting it bc it's SO beautiful. mine is lambskin (i know, gasp!) and it's one of the most beautiful bags i've ever seen. for now, she's sitting in my closet. i just got a mini but i'm also saving for that boy i've always wanted as well. i'd say go for beige first, then a boy - boy's are not going anywhere. for me, i would consider boys to be a classic just like the classic flap and reissue.
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  11. I have a beige m/l, I think it's a perfect size for the color. If you're thinking jumbo size, maybe boy would be a better choice.
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  12. Yes I think you guys are right. In beige the Medium size is probably nicer. I dont need a big bag. I carry very few things, need to fit my sunglasses, card case keys and ID. Besides the beige would be an occasion bag for me. The boy on the other hand I may carry more often.
  13. You really can't go wrong with either choices since they're both "classic" colors. Since the beige is now a seasonal color, you might want to check out the current beige and sees if it makes your heart sing. I have a beige jumbo CF too, and I haven't had any issues with color transfer. Knock on wood!! Best of luck!
  14. I have a single flap Beige Caviar Jumbo w/GHW. It is one of my most coveted bags. And as others have noted, when I use her, people stop in their tracks and run me down to have a closer look and to compliment it. LOL. I have never had an issue with color transfer either and will never part with her. I am not a fan of Boy bags so would never invest in one. Good luck deciding!
  15. I feel the same way!! [emoji1] [emoji1]
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