** Chanel bags, little girls ... and Walmart? **

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  1. So I popped into Walmart to get some toothbrushes, and as I was wandering the aisles, I did a double take.

    Were those ... Reissues hanging over there? And some Camera bags too?

    The tags read "Quilted Flap" and "Quilted Camera." Ah, so clearly they knew what they were doing ... and at $10 bucks each for the little girl in your life.

    What do you think? Weird, wrong, or funny?

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  2. Oh my! How can they get away with this?
  3. Whoa! They are almost dead-on replicas! I think similar may be cute but exact copies! WRONG:nono:
  4. I was really confused when I saw the bags. I didn't know what to think. So I took a few photos with my phone, but an SA started giving me looks, so I had to high tail it out of there.
  5. They are total replicas, right? Even if the sizing was smaller, still the shape was the same, even the mademoiselle lock, and the chain strap too.
  6. They look plastic and shiny and given recent reports probably contain lead... I wouldn't say that they are "exact copies" at all, not much to be threatened about.
  7. im mad!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh well, imitation is the best form of flattery, right? To each his own. Nothing beats the real thing, though :biggrin:
  9. Well, that is a little scary. I mean, lead might be in purses handled by little girls? I thought it was just in their jewelry ... which is bad enough.
  10. That wouldn't surprise me with lead in the paint. Everything seems to have it then you have a massive recall.
  11. Good point Nat. Just wasn't expecting to see flaps hanging out in Walmart.
  12. Technically, I don't feel like it's a "replica" unless it has Chanel tags on/in it. Those bags don't bother me. Clearly, they are not real Chanel and I view them as harmless fun. I mean, a girl can dream, right?
  13. I understand, it must have been a weird sight. Did you end up with the toothbrushes you were looking for, BTW? :greengrin:
  14. ^absolutely, as long as it doesn't have the Chanel name or imply it's a Chanel, then it's fine. To each his own.
  15. I say I would have to agree with that because an old friend called me and asked how she got a chanel bag w/logo's at her nail salon.:wtf: I explained how :lol: