chanel 2.55: which colour would you go for?

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  1. was at chanel today and saw a small version of the chanel 2.55 flap bag. i was never much of a fan of that bag as i think it is too grown up, but when i saw the real thing, it was love it first sight! the small one is really cute, i saw it in beige and it's so classy! its cost about 600pounds for the small one, and they have it in pink and black as well... ooh... just wondering, which colour would you go for??????:smile:
  2. Black... it's classic and timeless!
  3. gray or black (I think the white is beautiful, but I would be afraid of using it, in order to keep it pristine!).
  4. White :love:
  5. White, or oyster (light beige)
  6. I have the black and I love it. I would say go for black becuase it is the most basic and classic. After that I would get red or white.
  7. I like the gray or white :biggrin:
  8. Black for all the reasons already outlined above.
  9. This purse is classic, so I really think that any color that works well with your wardrobe would be great. I actually would not go for black because it's such a somber color, and could possibly make you look too old.
  10. Like I said before,WE Need To See your collection!!!!! I know it takes times to pull em all out....Oh ya I just remembered you left your camera in the hotel room:sad: oops...sorry. Your CHANEL got me excited!!!:love:

    I would choose the black for my first chanel, you will pull it out over and over again for many, many years!!!!:love:
  11. i saw a photo in a magazine, it looked like a metallic gray. i would pic that one. here i go again with those colors. lol.
  12. I like the gray or the white.
  13. I would get in black:love:
  14. same here, black.
  15. I would say grey 266. It's much more rare and I can't wait to get mine next week:nuts:
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