Céline Tri-Fold Bag

  1. After that tooth in the Chanel thread, I'm not getting anything from the Realreal... :P

    Does Barney's Warehouse ship internationally? :x
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    I contacted the two Celine stores in San Francisco (Saks and Neimans) and they have trifolds in multiple colors. I would like to wait until April to purchase in Europe, but afraid by then it will truly be out of stock/ discontinued. :hrmm: Ugh maybe I should just pull the trigger now. Decisions decisions...
  3. Discontinuing
    Grab it while you can
  4. Call Barneys warehouse and ask. All stores get the same bags. I saw trifolds in the Chicago store, maybe some other stores have them too. They had a small burgundy and small taupe. They also had the color stone (dark army green) and some two colored ones. They are 40%. They also have some on additional discount, because they didn’t sell for a while.
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  5. Fair enough. I think Trifolds are less likely to be knocked off but TRR has definitely had issues as of late.
  6. 40% off is amazing! Thanks for letting us know