Céline Tri-Fold Bag

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  1. Hi all!

    Céline has a new bag for Fall, the Tri-Fold, and they send us a sample to play with! I wanted to share it with you to see if any of you love it too? I fell for it immediately - it reminds me of the big sister to the Trio and isn't as heavy as other larger Céline bags!

    More info here!


  2. I got offered this style about two months ago when I asked for stock with silver hardware. I was undecided between this, the trapeze in merlot and the sangle in chilli. I ended up with the sangle but returned it and this one and the trapeze were sold. I agree it is definitely lighter but I'm not a lover of compartments.
  3. I absolutely love it.
    I was really looking forward to seeing this bag IRL, but they didn't have any at the store when i was there.
    If it looks good on me this definitely could be my next Céline.
    I think it's a very casual everyday bag.
  4. For me I think this design is the best iteration from Celine so far. Let's face it the Phatom is nothing more a square box when you carry it, the outside can look really nice, interesting and all that but the interior is a dark pit. The Luggage has more structure for sure, but its shape doesn't lend itself to when you have to carry items like documents, folders or laptops. The Tri Fold can now fulfill those who crave compartments, longer length for work related items etc. it looks even smaller when the wings are tucked in, especially nice when you carry on the shoulder. Another plus is cut from a continuous piece of leather from base to handles, the tote I think will hold up and wear bettter over time. The weight is better distributed and doesn't tear on handles like they would on other bags where the handles are assembled separately. Other than the zipper, there's no other hardware to finagle with (looking at you Belt/Trapeze) or malfunction/tarnish (hey there Box). Would love to see it in narural camel leather, they a taupe version, not quite the same.
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  5. Oh my! This bag is gorgeous. I must see it in real life. Thanks for all of the detail in the blog post.
  6. I am totally and utterly obsessed with this bag! I love its simplicity and I am a huge lover of compartments. I have a pebbled leather tote purchased a year ago from Zara which has a similar concept - three main compartments, with the middle one zippered. It is one of my favourite, most practical and most used bags (even though I still love and adore my designer ones)

    I think would get so much use out of the trifold. That sleek, minimalist design makes it a total winner for me. Now I just need the funds.
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  7. I played with this in Paris last week and seriously thought about buying it but I wasn't sure I could get a laptop in there. It's a beautiful style and feels heavy and well-made.
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  8. Im looking into the Sangle- may I ask why you returned it?
  9. I can fit my Mac laptops. Don't know about other brands, as long as you don't go above 13" in length it should work. Measured at the base it's 15" across.
  10. I couldn't tell if I could fit it in the unzipped section and couldn't test it out (even with measuring I wasn't sure.)
  11. Because the strap wouldn't stay on my shoulder, the SA advised me to try with a few items inside but still it wouldn't stay on. Apart from that it was a great bag that I would have liked to keep.
  12. I was flipping through Wallpaper Magazine when I came across this version.
  13. I love and hate TPF all at the same time. I feel like I fall in love with so much more! I love this one you found!! I'm going to see if I can buy it.
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  14. Beautiful bag.
    Love what Celine is doing with its bags at the moment (I also thought both the Phantom and the Luggage are terrible designs).
  15. Can the long zip lines on the side be placed inside the bag? Those look quite bothersome on an otherwise stunning purse.