Céline Tri-Fold Bag

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  1. Tri-fold owners, what do you do with the ties? I'm finding that they are beginning to annoy me.

    I don't like the side ones flopped out, so I tuck them in. These are fine and need very little adjustment, although I am finding them extraneous and unnecessary.

    The middle ties are the ones that I find irritating! They stick up awkwardly and get everywhere if I try to tuck them, and they untie themselves when I try to use them.
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  2. This bag also works well carried on the arm or by hand ;)
  3. Mine don’t annoy me but I find they need to be considered :lol: they also get shut in the car door occasionally.

    I leave the side ones hanging as I like the look. The middle ones won’t stay tied like yours so I just fold one over each side and it seems to stay that way until I open them again.
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  4. I usually ignore the ties. Most of the time I’m wearing the Trifold on my shoulder so the ties get tucked under my arm. (That’s probably not the most elegant way to carry this bag but I’m too lazy to arm carry [emoji15])
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  5. I’ve had my Trifold for about a year but haven’t worn it much until recently. (I bought it in washed blue which is more of a spring/summer color than fall/winter).

    Anyway, I noticed the heat stamp is fading quite significantly. Anyone else have this issue with their Trifold?

  6. I have the same colour as you and have used it quite a bit, mine looks ok but keep getting an error when I try to post a pic
  7. IMG_2071.jpg
  8. Yours look much nicer! I showed mine to the SA today when I was at Celine and she said they do occasionally get customers complaining of this problem. Seems more common on grained leather and mostly due to rubbing or general wear and tear. Guess it can vary depending on luck (all of the logos on my other grained leather Celine bags are fine). But she did confirm there is nothing they can do to repair as it is not possible to restamp. :sadface:
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  9. That’s a shame they can’t restamp it although I’m such a non logo fan that I guess I wouldn’t mind if mine faded. It’s still a stunning bag [emoji170]

    I had a play around with mine as you said you carry it on the shoulder and wondered if perhaps your arm might be rubbing it while you carry it?
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that!

    Hmm I would try asking again about the restamping! I know for sure that Céline can take Smooth Lambskin Trio's back in for restamping. Maybe they can't restamp on grained calfskin!
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  11. Oh really? I was told they never restamp because it’s not possible to line up the logo again for a perfect match. Maybe I can try asking at a different store. Do you know which city Celine took back a bag for restamping? Was it your bag? TIA!
  12. Hey dear! It was my bag! It was at the Céline boutique in NYC!
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  13. I’m so sorry this has happened eckw. You got me curious so I just pulled mine out & took this pic, since mine is also grained. I got it the first season the TriFold came out. I’m surprised mine is still looking great because i used this bag at least 3X/wk or more for work. Hasn’t been used in a while recently as I’m only using small bags. I hope there’s a way they can try to re-stamp for you.....perhaps you can ask if there’s a way they can remove the entire original stamp, & then RE-stamp it? Good luck!!

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  14. Thanks Kendie, you’re so sweet! I know it’s prob due to a faulty stamping job but I also think Celine will just say wear-and-tear. I’ve had the bag for a year now so I guess it’s not unexpected if they say this.

    But I’m kind of regretting buying my new bag (the small Big Bag in tan [emoji7]!) from that boutique as the SA wasn’t particularly friendly. Now I think I should have checked with another Celine first in case I encounter a nicer SA who might give me a different answer re. restamping (as I now hear restamping is possible from another TPFer here) and I could’ve bought the bag from her.
  15. Hmmm, I hear you & I’ve certainly seen the hot stamp fade/wear off on other bags & also on other brands of bags that do this type of stamp) Sorry to hear your thoughts on the SA where you purchased your Big Bag....perhaps you can check/call around to other Celine boutiques & see what they can do to help you. Again, best luck!!:flowers:
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