Céline Tri-Fold Bag

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  1. Kohl on a sunny morning IMG_20180528_074627.jpeg
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  2. Beautiful and not an annoying tie in sight :roflmfao:
  3. Haha... They were well-behaved this morning. I'm glad I took the bag back out because I can't stop touching the leather.
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  4. Funnily enough when @eckw asked about the logo fading on her bag I took mine out to check and then put it on my shoulder to see if arm rubbing would cause it then couldn’t put it back and switched into it there and then. Made me giggle to myself how fickle I am but it’s a beautiful bag and the leather is indeed very tactile :biggrin:

    Here’s mine... resting on my builders hop up :facepalm:

  5. That's such a gorgeous shade of blue that you both have!
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  6. Thank you. Yours is gorgeous too - I confess I have two kohl bags and it’s my favourite shade of grey. I see you’re getting a cabas in slate, that’s a fab colour and the cabas is awesome, I have it in ... you guessed it ... kohl :facepalm: :lol: can’t wait to see it
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  7. Here’s what I do with mine. It’s essentially a half Windsor tie knot, but looped twice around the long tie. I did this to stop my bag from flopping open when I shoulder carry. I can also slip the long tie out of the knot when I need to open up the bag all the way, without disturbing the knot. When I’m finished, I just slip the long tie back in.
  8. That’s clever :tup:
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  9. Brilliant!! I guess this is what I do with my Mansur Gavriel bucket ties, but I never considered it here because I don't think sometimes. LOL

    Thanks for the suggestion (and delicious bag photos)!
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  10. Ha, I got the idea from the MG bags too! The ties on the trifold are a bit trickier to tie since they’re pretty thick leather, but once you do it for a while, they soften up and I find they actually lay flat a little better than before when you leave them untied.
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  11. Am I too late? :sad: Has it been discontinued already? Probably knowing my luck. Ive focused on the box too much.

    I’ve recently fallen in love and quickly browsed through every page of this thread. I’m in deep. I found a few I liked on TRR and Fashionphile (a brick red color omg take my money) but weary of pulling the trigger without seeing it in person.

    Thoughts? Has anyone seen one in the boutique lately?
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    There weren’t any in the boutique I went to a few weeks ago. But there are a few on EBay (from Japanese sellers).
  13. I think it must be discontinued. I’ve been in quite a few boutiques and concessions the last few months and not seen one! I’m surprised it’s not had greater longevity? Still if you are lucky enough to have one it will make it more collectible ....
  14. I saw a lot of trifolds at Barneys warehouse. Every time I pass by, the bags are still there.
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  15. I don’t recall seeing them for last season. There were also a few on the real real at one point.