Celine in Netherlands

  1. Oh but still! Every discount helps a little bit (: are there any special events any time soon? And are those events only for staff or also for non-staff? Which bag are you actually saving money for?

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  2. If you have a Bijenkorf card (credit card) last tuesday there was a event that if you purchased something above 600 euro you got a 100 euro giftcard. I bought my cabas that day :smile: With my staff discount and this giftcard it only costs me 495!

    So you have to own a Bijenkorfcard, if you don't have one you can apply for one. On that day you'll receive a discount of 10% on almost all your purchases (including Celine!).

    I'm saving up for my graduation gift now since I bought too many bags last week....
  3. actually im also a student in the US. i ask my friend who is a student in ams to help me buy celine bag because it's much more cheaper than in us. :smile:

    but now, the problem is.. if my friend gets the bag and wants to send it to me, am i going to be charge for the custom charge?
  4. Yes those costs are for the receiver - I know stupid. Do you know when she is going back to the US anytime soon? Maybe she can just carry it with her.

    I know it's a bit off topic, but do you guys know whether Celine is cheaper in the Netherlands or in France? Because I will do my study abroad in. Paris (6months). :biggrin:

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  5. It doesn't matter where you buy Celine, France or the Netherlands are the cheapest ways to buy Celine :smile: Just like other luxury brands :smile:
  6. Do they sell any Micros in dark colors in the NL?
  7. Never seen it at de Bijenkorf. Don't know how the stock is in other shops.
  8. Dang... Sorry for the information!! :flowers:
  9. Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know where in the Netherlands I can find a Luggage Mini in black leather/black python leather or a black phantom stamped croc?

    I've called a few shops (Kiki Niesten, Caeser Donna and Bijenkorf) but I couldn't find them there. Any tips?

    The bijenkorf put me on a list for new arrivals but the were not sure they would get those again. Jadpe, do you maybe have some secret insight? ;)

    Thanks all!
  10. I put myself on a list there since january, but they admit they are very sloppy with that list. Even people who work there and put themselves on the list are forgotten. I saw a bag in the shop where somebody waitlisted for. So don't trust the wait list...
  11. Really?! So have you got the bag? My friend put me on the list for a citron mini.. they said they would get it within a month.. gosh! im so worried rite now! :sad:
  12. They never called me, so I never got the bag, while I heard that it had gotten in. Don't trust their list at all!!!!
  13. I going Amsterdam in 2 weeks time.. Do they have any micro Celine ???
  14. Nope! All of the Amsterdam stores are completely sold out of the luggage style.
  15. Didn't know the discounts could be applied at Celine @ Bijenkorf!! Good to know!