Celine Bittersweet

  1. Anyone have one? How do you like it?

    I have ordered one in pearl w/o ever having seen one.

    Got any pics??
  2. This should be it:

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  3. Oh, sorry... I meant pics of someone who had one. I ordered the small hobo. I think there was just a pic of Angelina Jolie with a large and somewhere on here is one of Jessica Simpson with a large hobo.
  4. I got it!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! This going to be one of my fav bags!!! The color is AMAZING. It is called pearl, but I would call it stone. It is a light, light taupe w/ brown undertones. This is the smaller size. If you saw the post on Angie Jolie's bag, she has the large hobo. I want that one in a black.

  5. Heres another pic....
  6. Gorgeous!!!

    That bag looks perfect on you!! ;)
  7. PS. I can see your Balenciaga on the table behind you- is she jealous?? :upsidedown:
  8. Congrats on getting the beautiful Celine! :nuts: And aww... that poor b-bag... don't neglect her too ok? :sad::p
  9. Hehe... nice bag. I like it's little dangler
  10. You look FAB with this beautiful bag. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. Thanks guys! My teal city does look a little jealous. But she won't be neglected... well, maybe a little.
  12. Tabbyco, what a great bag! It looks nice on you.
  13. It looks good on you.
  14. I love that bag! They had them on sale at Nordies in Red back during their anniversary sale and I was supposed to get one. But it never arrived to the store.

    Now you're going to make me hunt one down.
  15. I think that bag in Red would be worth the hunt, E! Let me know if you find one!