Celebrities with Tods bags and accessories!

  1. Oh, I want that bag! It is stunning!
  2. Halle Berry with an Ivy...
    halle IVY.png
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    Diane Kruger...D-Bag...

    diane kruger d bag.jpg
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    Jessica Biel...D-Bag Bauletto...

    biel jessica 2010 june paris2.jpg
  5. Camille Belle with Sacca Lampo Oblique shoulder bag...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Luv2Shop - thank you for posting those. I love them all!
  7. I was being such a good girl until I saw the new D-Bag Bauletto at Saks. It is absolutely gorgeous IRL....had to have it! Finally!...got a Tod in my handbag collection.
  8. ^^ Congrats! What color did you buy?
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    Hi Luv2Shop, I got the beige/brown bag that Nicole Kidman is carrying. It cost me a pretty penny but, I love it so much! Nicole with the Restyled D-Bag Bauletto.

    [​IMG]is bag!
  10. Demi Moore with the D-Styling Baulette Medio
    demi-moore-2-290.jpg ashton-kutcher-435.jpg
  11. Congrats! That's a beautiful bag!! Definitely one you will wear for years! :biggrin:

  12. Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, Frida Pinto. G-Bag.



    g bag celebrity citing 4.jpg g bag celebrity sighting 2.jpg g bag celebrity sighting.jpg
  13. Anne Hathaway.

  14. Hillary Swank, Julianne Moore. D-Styling Bauletto.


    449280918_o.jpg 449280936_o.jpg