Celebrities with Tods bags and accessories!




    phpDLzfoJAM.jpg phpgEFdf9AM.jpg
  2. Love the whole look, boots, scarf, everything. Looks great!
  3. unknown woman is Freida Pinto?
  4. Don't know if anyone has said this before but - i think unknown woman is frieda pinto?

    EDIT: didn't even read the post above me aha!
  5. can someone tell me which tod's bag this one is that heidi klum carry??
    tasche anni.jpg anni bag 1.jpg anni bag2.jpg
  6. Reese Witherspoon with a gorgeous black Upper bag!
    PF.jpg pf2.jpg pf3.jpg

  7. HAHA. Yea, I started laughing when I went through this because of everyone calling her " unknown woman" haha! " unknown women is frieda?!" lol, thanks for giving me a few laughs. When the very first picture of her was posted, I recognized it as her, so by the time I got to the last page with the HUGE picture of her and Dev, I was positive it was her. So yes, I agree fully, I'm sure " unknown women" is frieda pinto! She's very pretty and of course the bag is gorgeous! :cloud9:
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    HaHaHa, so funny..... How could I possibly not have recognised the world famous, biggest star of them all - Frieda Pinto - Of course she is so famous, only somebody living on the moon would not recognise her face... let me remember ... she was in one movie I saw some years ago and that's it. It's really incredible that I forgot her face... :shrugs:

    Or maybe forum members should remember that lots of people who are huge celebrities in the US are completely unknown in Europe (and viceversa....) and also that some forum members have other things to do besides keeping tracks of every starlet in her twenties, famous for being famous or for having been in one movie.... :btdh:
  9. how much does nicole's bag costs?
  10. You might want to look on the TODs website.
  11. Wonderful design
  12. LOVE gwyneth's purple one! (sorry I don't know the model... newbie :blush:)
  13. Hi all!! Can anyone ID Julia's bag's color? It is a leather G-bag but what color is it?? Halle Berry is carrying the same bag (and color) in the picture with her child. Love the light beige, almost nude color and I will try to find it somewhere (hopefully it is still available at Tod's) TIA!!
  14. Katie Holmes
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  15. Jessica Alba
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