Celebrities with Tods bags and accessories!

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  1. More Hudson with T-bag, Zeta-Jones witha a Capucine Pochette and Lady D. with -allegedly - the D-bag
    hudson.jpg zeta_capucine_pochette.jpg withd.jpg
  2. Aww, thanks for posting the Diana pic. She kinda inspired my initial crush with Tod's when I saw her carrying the D Bag. Such great style!

    P.S. Are we allowed to comment or is this pic-only?
  3. Diane Kruger...

  4. [​IMG]

    Kate Winslet with Tod’s Took Sacca Hobo
  5. [​IMG]

    Penelope Cruz Tod’s Capucine Pochette
  6. [​IMG]

    Liz Hurley Tod's Carey Media
  7. [​IMG]

    Kate Hudson in Raising Helen with Tod's
  8. Isn't this the new fall D-bag??!! Wow!!
  9. Cameron and her Pashmy Messenger

    Tods Benjii, Jessica Alba?
  10. Leighton Meester



    leighton1.JPG leighton2.JPG leighton3.JPG
  11. Is Leighton's bag a new D-bag? It has the long shoulder strap like the very first D-bag. Then the D-bags from recent years did away with the shoulder strap.
  12. Yes, based on comments from one of my SAs, I believe her bag is the new D-Styling Due Mancini, available in media and grande. Another new fall style is the D-Styling––has a bit more of a bauletto shape. Also comes in two sizes.
    image011.jpg image012.jpg image013.jpg image015.jpg image016.jpg
  13. Thanks, Swan1. Those are both absolutely gorgeous. I love the bone colored one (I think it's the one Leighton is carrying) and the dark brown one.
    Great to know - thanks again for the information.
  14. Is the bauletto-shaped D-styling the one Diane Kruger was carrying? Really like it! Does anyone know what colors it comes in? Thanks!