Celebrities with Tods bags and accessories!

  1. This thread is for pictures of celebrities carrying Tods handbags and accessories!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. naomi watts
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  5. Naomi Watts with Peggy [​IMG]bag
  6. Who's the woman with - weird - blue/greenish hair?
  7. Some more: Jessica Alba with one of my favourites (the red D-bag), Kate Winslet (again), Diane Kruger with the new D-bag
    jessica-alba-tods-handbag3.jpg kate-winslet-tods-bag.jpg diane-kruger-3.jpg
  8. Gwyneth, not surprisingly...
  9. More Gwyneth, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellweger
    gwyn.jpg julia-roberts-visits-late-show.jpg cameron.jpg renee-zellweger-tods-pashmy-luna-hobo.jpg
  10. Jessica Alba must be a real fan (also with new D-bag and a bauletto) and Rachel Bilson with a Goa
    jessica1.jpg jessica2.jpg rachel.jpg
  11. Halle Berry, Patrick Dempsey and unknown woman - looking good with her G-bag ;)
    halle_berry.jpg guy.jpg gbag_unknown.jpg
  12. that's kate hudson...horrible photo
  13. Julia Roberts[​IMG]
  14. Halle Berry
  15. I think that's a picture from the movie 'Bride Wars', hence the blueish hair.

    I seriously love her bag though!!!