Celebrities and their LV

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  1. Now I am scared a bit!

    I'm thinking of buying Monogram canvas speedy 35, not multicolor, I wrote wrong, sorry :smile:

    I would so like that damier canvas is made in 35!!
  2. Oh Mono Canvas speedy 35, Okay! Here MC is abbreviated for Multicolor( a different line sold by Louis Vuitton!

    But yeah the Mono 35 would look great!!! Were are you getting it from? The Store or Ebay?? Betta hurry because price increase is coming if you get it from the store! LOL

    And don't be scared, Just be yourself!!!!
  3. Yes, I know about price incresing... :sad: :sad:
    I live in Croatia, and the nearest store is in Vienna (Austria), and Italy...etc
    But I'm thinking of going in Vienna. About 4 hours driving... that sucks!

    P.S. Why can't I go on the part of the forum where you sell/buy, etc..?
  4. You have to qualified to Join that part! If you click on Market Plaza, If will have a list of regulations and rules, They have a set of Directions on how to join that part of TPF!! Im not able to get on it yet neither, Because you have to be here for 5 months and im not yet, And you have to have 500+ post!
  5. Please chit chat via PM guys. Let's just keep this thread for pics of Celebs and their LVs. Thanks. :tup:
  6. Thank you !!! :tup:
  7. You are right!
    Sorry, everybody!!
  8. :tup:
  9. Hilary Duff and her LV Josephine PM

    Jessica Simpson and her LV Stratus GM

    Jessica Simpson and her LV Sac Chien
  10. We kinda got it when Imashop sayed it! Sorry Tia,
  11. [​IMG]
  12. So really thinking I need a Mahina XL now!! Rhinna is killing me.....I LOVE IT
  13. OMG this girl has a massive Louis Vuitton collection! I love looking at photos of her and her bags!!!

  14. I think the above pic of Jessica Simpson looks like a Nimbus and not a Stratus. Stunning bag nonetheless.
  15. Your right, It is the Nimbus!


    So is the stratus the one that has 2 handels!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.