CeeJay's Chloe Paddington (Grenat)

  1. As most of you probably already know, I'm not a huge Paddington fan (LOVE :love: :love: :love: the new EDITH Bag -- that's on the 2006 Purchase List!!!).

    Anyhow, here's a picture (I've also posted it in my "handbags" section). This one's going up on eBay!

  2. Wow, I just wanted to say the color is gorgeous. I know you don't like it, but I still feel the need to ooh and ahh. :smile:
  3. So you actually own this paddington now and want to sell it on ebay?
  4. I not a fan of the Paddy either, but I do love the color of yours! I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling it!
  5. ... and away we go?!?! Hee Hee :biggrin: :nuts:

    It's up on eBay (and not so bad ... selling it for what I paid). ACTUALLY, it will work out as less because I'm not adding the tax and both eBay and Paypal will sock me (fees-wise) - uggh :sick: :sick: !

    Oh well ...
  6. I think you cannot post your own items in here... :smile:
  7. Seriously?!? I just thought you couldn't list your bags here in the forum? I thought you could link to another site ... (e.g., eBay).

    I'll edited out the link ...
  8. Wellow ... I just checked the Posting Rules, and I didn't see the appropriate 'rule' that you're referring to. As a matter of fact, it states something along the lines of "linking to your business ...". So, I guess I'm a little confused here ...
  9. I :love: that bag. I would love to buy it, but shipping and the money to turn into euro, $ or any other is just to much...
    Living in Denmark s* ..... :smile:

  10. 0o0o0o, CeeJay, i totally love the colour! good luck with the eBay thing!
  11. I like that color it is wine red right???? Tho I know I don't look good with anything red but I think that is a nice color some ppl can pull it off well!
  12. Yeah "Ever" ... it's not really RED per se ... looks like a nice vintage glass of Wine! A very classic color ...
  13. Hmmmm ... interesting; I'm so used to converting the opposite way (Euro to Dollars). According to XE.COM (currency convertor), it would be 1,136.22 EUR.
  14. Really, okey...then I would have to converting Euro into Danish. That would be.....I´m blank :smile: I have tried to convert it, with no luck...
    It dosen´t matter either. I don´t have money untill The first of April... :smile:

  15. Sadly, I can relate to that!!! Waiting for that 1st Quarter BONUS ...:nuts: :smile: :blink: