Cartier Watch reveal...

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  1. So excited about my new watch 18K YG Tank. It's the large size which I love. I am 5'10 so I think it is a good proportion on me. I have been hiding it from SO and mom. If grandma asks it's a cheapy gold watch.

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  2. Absolutely lovely! Looks perfect on you. Wear it in good health!
  3. Absolutely stunning. Looks wonderful on you! LOVE it!!
  4. Love love love it!!!!
  5. Stunning!!!
  6. Love it!! I've been trying to decide what I am getting and this size doesn't look that big at all. Enjoy!!
  7. Very nice, and it fits you perfectly...congrats!
  8. Drool! Just fabulous!
  9. It looks amazing on you! Perfect size! Congrats. :tup:
  10. Beautiful - congrats!
  11. Stunning! Congrats on the beautiful watch.
  12. It is absolutey gorgeous!!!!
  13. Wow! Looks great on you!
  14. And the fact that it lays flat and doesn't have alot of height to it like the Roadster means you can get away with a larger size without feeling like it's a man's watch.
  15. Love it!! Congrats, it is gorgeous.