Cartier Roadster vs Ballon Bleu (pics included)

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  1. Oh man Ballon Bleu with MOP face?! You must show us pictures!!!
  2. Hi,

    I currently have the same dilemma, I think that the Balon Bleu is extremely elegant and thought that I would like it better but when I tried on both watches I prefered the look and feel of the Roadster. I like having the date and as I normally wear a Rolex I have got used to a heavier and bulkier watch so I will opt for he Roadster.

    Good luck,
  3. I say Ballon Bleu, I am bias because I have one and I love it!!
  4. I think the Balloon looks trendy (not in a bad way) and the Roadster looks classic.
  5. I really like the look of the Ballon Bleu!
  6. OP - what happened? Did you decide on one? We'd love to hear from you.
  7. I am biased towards the Roadster. Got one in May.
  8. love the Roadster!
  9. Classic is classic, no matter what age you are. Personally, I like the Roadster. A little bit more casual looking. But both are gorgeous!!! Nice problem to have!
  10. hi, im also planning on buying a cartier this christmas, and im also dealing with this very tough decission between the large ballon bleu and large roadster. But im leaning towards the Ballon Bleu, its simply gorgeous. However i have only seen the two watches in pictures and i couldn't help but notice that the links on the ballon bleu steel bracelet are only removable on one side, so if i was to size it for my not so big wrist, then wouldn't the number of links be uneven? or does the ballon bleu bracelet have adjustable links which can be removed from both sides so the bracelet lock can be in the center of the wrist?
  11. I own the SS roadster large with a black dial, what I like about the roadster you can change the strap yourself but the ballon bleu is a lovely watch & I did think of getting one but opted for SS 36mm Rolex datejust but I would still have 1 if my DH is feeling generous lol
  12. hey..can any of you be kind enough to let me know whether the links on the steel bracelet of the ballon bleu large are removable on both sides of the bracelet lock.. becouse in pictures i noticed that the links on the bracelet are only adjustable on one side only. so im concerned that it will be uneven on my wrist when i size it..
  13. I hope she wasnt offended by the age comments. I would have been put off by some of them. :hrmm:
  14. I know these are old posts but please allow me to weigh in -- I think both watches, especially Ballon Bleu, look a bit big and clunky for your slim wrist. It's not about age at all. In fact, the SAs at my local Cartier boutique all seemed to be wearing Ballon Blue in medium size and they were an assortment of ages, but did not have particularly slim wrists/arms.

    If I were you I'd try the Ballon Bleu in smaller size. And removing a link or two might make it look even better!
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