Cartier Roadster vs Ballon Bleu (pics included)

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  1. I think they both look FABULOUS on you -- of course that may be because I have them both and I am a mature woman.

    I love tpf for the diversity of opinions presented here -- you always hear lots of different points of view. IMO -- I do not think that the ballon bleu or the roadster have any age niche. I have seen both on a variety of ages and have never once thought "oh, that woman is too mature to be wearing that watch" or "that girl is too young for that mature looking watch". I think it is all how you carry yourself and your own personal style. Usually I am thinking "WOW -- I love that watch!"

    You won't go wrong with either watch. I actually got the medium Ballon Bleu and wish I had gotten the large. However, the medium is a nice size and does not look tiny.


    (oh, and you will see in the picture I have the women's pink roadster which is really pretty, but small for my taste)

    I got the XL Roadster and it is one of my favorite watches. It is so huge and so gorgeous. Seems like I don't have a picture of it by itself. Here's a pic I took for the reference thread.


    Good luck with your decision -- either will be great on you.
  2. i prefer the shape of the roadster
  3. the roadster seems to look nicer on your wrist imho especially with your size choice. good luck deciding!
  4. I'm a fan of the Roadster. Love this watch.
  5. both are super elegant and classy, so either of the two will be a very good choice, but i'd go for the ballon bleu..kinda looks better on your wrist.
  6. I prefer Roadster
  7. I love Cartier Ballon Bleu, and this watch in medium size would be a great choice. As for the Roadster, I am not a big fan of this model.

    Both watches look great on you! Go with what you love!

    Also, I do not believe that certain watches can only be worn at a certain age.

    Even the idea of it is ridiculous!
  8. monap_1981 - I agree with you about any age can wear any watch. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I'm considering the medium ballon for myself in all steel but can't decide between quartz and automatic. Anyone have an opinion? It will not be worn every day.
  9. I thought I read that Cartier was going to stop making quartz for ballon. Automatic would definitely have a better resale value. If you don't wear it often, you'll have to set the time each time you wear it. That's the downside of automatic. I'd go with automatic though.
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    Between these two styles, I prefer the Roadster.

    P.S. Hokaplan - I'm glad to see you are still going strong building your watch/jewelry collection, lol. I was a little worried there - thought that you might leave us for the wardrobe forum.
  11. cartier_love - I might have mentioned somewhere on forum the other day that Cartier will stop making quartz ballon blue. But I found out yesterday that is the case only with the two-tone. The all steel one will still be available in both quartz and automatic. If I have lots of great watches already, should I still get the automatic? Every day, I change my mind!
  12. Sorry to intercept this thread but I can't get over these gorgeous watch pictures!! I so want a Cartier Ballon Bleu too but hopefully in 18k RG lol (I am dreaming). I don't mind either automatic or quartz but since I am not a watch collector for convience purpose I'd probably end up with the battery operated style.

    p.s. I have the lady Roadster in pink face and I love it to pieces!!
  13. i prefer the roadster too!
  14. Although I am a really big Ballon fan, I have to say the Roadster looks so much nicer on your wrist. It's a stunning watch and really looks fabulous on you.
  15. I think the Roadster looks better on you and I myself own the Roadster but I really don't wear it that much because it's a little heavy and bulky on the side were the winder is...

    I actually hope to purchase the Ballon one day because it seemed to fit nicer on my wrist when I tried it on a few months ago, and I recently found on the (I know they make it with the yellow gold & steel) with a Pink mother of pearl dial! It looks really amazing!!!! I will try and go look at it in person and maybe take pic's!

    Good luck with your purchase and I'm sure which ever watch you end up with will be lovely!
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