Cartier Roadster vs Ballon Bleu (pics included)

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  1. Ballon bleu - if I play my cards right, hopefully this will be my next watch ! :graucho:
  2. I think the Roadster looks better on your wrist!
  3. Ok, I have to get it out of my chest. I thought I might lean on Ballon Bleu, however from all pictures Roadster does look better. The reason is.....................age. From your wrist, it can tell that you are pretty mature woman, if I may say straightforwardly, so somehow Ballon Bleu looks a bit wierd on your wrist, whilst Roadster fits perfectly based on the appearance of your wrist.
  4. I too think both look too big on you. If it's a smaller size, I'd go with the Ballon Bleu. But honestly you can't go wrong with either, they are both very lovely and classy.
  5. PuppyB - I'm having trouble understanding your post. Do you think Ballon Bleu is for the younger woman and Roadster for an older woman? I don't think age really matters (JMO) but I'm trying to understand your thoughts. Thanks!
  6. From my opinion and perspective, Ballon Bleu looks good on younger appearance of wrist, while Roadster looks way better on more mature wrist.

  7. That is what I thought you meant. I respect your opinion and will consider it. I guess I'm over-the-hill (turning 46 next week) and didn't think certain styles for certain ages. The mid-size tank does not excite me. I tried it on lots of times. Perhaps I should just stop at the Roadster which I do own.
  8. I think what kind of Cartier fits you better all depends on the age appearance of your wrist, not necessary the real age of each person:P.

  9. LOL! You make a good point! People think I look much younger and are often shocked when they hear my age. I don't drink, smoke, and have little stress in my life. But I do have some gray hairs! That being said, what is your opinion of the ss medium automatic ballon bleu?
  10. On your wrist I prefer the Roadster but I think it would look better in the small size & also I think the ballon bleu would look great on you in the medium size. I own the small SS Roadster w/pink dial & really love it. I am currently contemplating the purchase of the medium SS/Pink Gold ballon bleu w/pink mother of pearl dial. I think you will love either style. Good Luck with your decision!!
  11. I think ss medium automatic ballon bleu is definitely nice too, IMO, it looks good on skinny wrist with smooth skin:P.

  12. I think the roaster looks much better on your wrist.
  13. How about some pics in the small size? We could compare small vs large on your wrist. I think the Roadster looks best. I'd like to see how the small size looks on you though.
  14. My vote is for the Ballon Bleu, but I think the medium would look even better.
  15. See it goes to show again that different people have different taste. I personally think both both Ballon Bleu and Roadster are more towards younger audience. Whereas mature woman, something like Tank Americaine or Louis Cartier is nicer.
    Having said that, I think it's better if you answer this yourself instead of relying on the majority of votes.
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