Cartier Roadster vs Ballon Bleu (pics included)

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  1. #1 Aug 28, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
    Hey everyone! I need your advice on Cartier watches....Roadster vs. Ballon Bleu. Which one do you'll think looks better on me? It will be a casual everyday watch. I really love both of them, but my DH said only one, so I'm totally confused. Any comments would be greatly appreciated....thanks!

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  2. I HAVE a Cartier Roadster SS with pink face and I LOVE my!!
    Your pictures are not showing up by the way ;)
    Anyway, if your Ballon Bleu is the smaller size it may not have date face, which I find it very important to me to have on the watch.
    I am loving the Ballon Bleu design too but I'd want to have it in the larger size so the date function is available!
  3. I also have the Roadster with pink face. I've been getting an education on Ballon Bleu. My SA told me this morning that they're doing away with the quartz because more people are asking for and purchasing the automatic. Which one are you thinking about? I like the medium size Ballon Bleu.
  4. I was looking at the large in both models, so they are both automatic and with the date face.

    @kiwishopper...just got the pics to upload...sorry
  5. I can hardly choose they are both so lovely; I'll go with the Ballon Bleu
  6. another vote for the Ballon Bleu
  7. in the pic of the two side by side on your wrist, I like the roadster better. but then based on the individual pictures, I like the ballon bleu better...

    so either will be beautiful! but I think I'm leaning toward the ballon bleu....
  8. oh my, I was thinking about this two watch also, and I think I'm leaning towards balloon bleu
  9. i like the ballon bleu
  10. ballon bleu for sure. the large doesn't even look that big on your wrist! perfect i say.
  11. i think the roadster looks good on your wrist though i personally prefer the smaller baloon bleu on mine :P lucky gal! what a lovely predicament to be in.
  12. I have the Roadster and love it!! But i LOVE LOVE LOVE the baloon bleu on you, the big size looks so causal chic :heart:
  13. ballon blue all the way :smile:
  14. Definitely the Ballon Bleu! I think it looks better on your wrist. It's a gorgeous watch!
  15. I hope I am not offending you, but I personally think both watches are too big on you, especially the ballon bleu. I personally think something like Louis Cartier suits you better, but then again, everyone has different taste.
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