CARTIER purchase... A REVEAL...

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  1. Thanks Kitsunegrl.. Yes.. it is :yahoo:
  2. Beautiful watch! I have the stainless steel roadster. Can you tell me how you changed the straps?
  3. I really like the pink leather strap, as it look so cute.
  4. ^ita!
  5. Thanks... Isn't the roadster just gorgeous?!!!! and I love the fact that I can change the straps to dress it up or down... I absolutely love how versatile it is..
    Regarding your question: your roadster should have come with interchangeable leather straps and a deployment clasp that fits on those straps.. You can purchase extra straps if you want different colors.. Mine came with the brown alligator strap and I bought the pink alligator one (isn't it cool??)..There is a latch at the back of the watch that you have to press then slide off the bracelet vertically from the watch.. and all you have to do is to hook the leather on the same way.. It's hard to explain but I hope you get the picture..
    After I bought the watch I was thinking about buying more strap colors for change... but then I found out although it's very easy to change the bracelet with the leather strap... (at the watch latch thingy).. It's pretty difficult to interchange the leather clasps since you need to move the deployment buckle from one to another.. and that is really hard.. so in reality.. I will be using one color strap at a time unless I buy an extra deployment buckle ( about $1500 :blink: for the gold one).. so I thought I could use the pink in the summer and spring.. and the brown in fall and winter...
    I hope that helped.. :smile:
  6. Thanks yunwendy and jourdyn... I am in love with the pink one too.. when I saw it I had to buy it..
  7. Its gorgeous!! I have the same watch and bought a new strap for it in shiny burgandy croc and yes its so easy to swap straps but the deployment buckle is the tricky part. Im sure I can get my husband to change that. I LOVE your hot pink colored band!!! Temtped to buy another band now!!
  8. Oh.. the burgundy was one of my favorites too.. it goes so well with the yellow gold... but I elected to go with the pink since the burgundy was as dark as the brown strap that came with it.. (kinda of the same color tone if you know what I mean)... so I chose something brighter and lighter.. and the SA told me that these straps usually darken over time .. so my hot pink one may turn burgundy one day... I don't think I will allow that to happen though.. loool..
    Did yours come with a brown strap too?
  9. Yes mine came with a brown strap too. Didnt like it. Fuddy duddy looking, matte and kinda manly. LOL. I wont be using it. Here is my burgandy strap. It looks kind of dark in the pic. I keep staring at your lovely pink band!!

  10. Luccibag.. that looks absolutely stunning... love that burgundy...
  11. Beautiful love the gold! congrats
  12. Love your new cartier. Congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous & looks amazing on your wrist. Congratulations!
  14. Wow! I haven't seen pics of a solid gold Roadster, I LOVE it! It looks great on you!!
  15. I am simply droooooling here!

    That is a seriously beautiful watch!