CARTIER purchase... A REVEAL...

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  1. Hey jewelry lovers,
    I just wanted to share my new purchase... I picked up something from Cartier on Saturday (right before the 10% price hike in June 1st..YAAAY)...

    So... Are you ready? Any guesses?

  2. Here is a clue...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. What is it? Can't wait to see. Was the price hike only in Canada?
  6. What I understood... is that the price hike applied to all over the world.. that's what the SAs told me from 2 different stores...
  7. OK... here we go... There it is....

  8. Introducing my Cartier Roadster....

  9. And here are some modeling pictures:

  10. I got 2 different leather straps with it..
    I picked up the pink... and this is how it looks like:
  11. and the other one is a light brown one (it came with the watch):
  12. I love it!!! I hope to get the two tone and a brown alligator strap for it! Is that the small or large size?
  13. Thanks meghankkg.. this is the women's size (it's more of a medium size than an actual woman size).. I have a tiny wrist and the men's size looked humongous on me..
  14. I am going to get that same smaller women's size as well. I look silly with a giant watch on!
  15. So pretty!

    Is it solid 18K?