Cartier in Action

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  1. I searched but didn't find a similar thread.. please feel free to delete if there is..

    This thread is almost a must in all forums and I think it is nice to be able to just look at our lovely pieces worn/stacked/styled!

    I used to have many photos that I need to dig up but for now I'll start with this one as these 2 pieces are my absolute favorites! I love how the juc ring complements the love bracelet :smile:

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  2. Cartier love stack in action. My contribution. Thanks for letting me share.
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  3. IMG_4807.JPG Out and about with my 2 year old little girl in my torn sweatshirt, but still feel fancy because of my new Love. :smile:
  4. Your diamond tennis bracelet is GORGEOUS. Is it Cartier?
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  5. Today got myself a Speedy :smile:

  6. Hi!

    Here's the only "true" action shot of my Cartier Chevron cufflinks I have at hand right now.

    IMG_0296 - Arbeitskopie 2.jpg

    These are the cufflinks I wear on that picture:


    Kind regards,
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    A few of my watches and Love bracelets.



    And a pair of my Cartier cufflinks with interchangeable semi precious stone bars.

  8. Thank you! It's not Cartier, it's a custom made.
  9. I just got a Cartier trinity ring in the classic size today! I put it on asap. Here it is with my Tiffany T two ring and my moms band. IMG_1479158625.389738.jpg
  10. You've seen this already my fellow Chanel addict but I'd love to add it to this thread. Love Chanel and Cartier...and throw in a little H action . IMG_1479196963.430712.jpg
  11. I love this! Can't get enough of it!
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  12. And by the way I'm H bracelet twin with you too

    Just need a beige claire goodie to complete the beautiful trio!
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  13. I know you have a pearly beige woc but not sure about a beige bag? So I say you should get one!!! I'm being a total enabler of course .
  14. Yes a pearly gold actually

    You're right, no beige bag, no m/l size.. I think I have a target there

    lol it's funny how we hijacked the thread by all the Chanel talk..
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  15. Ohhh pearly gold. You know how much I looove gold .

    I feel like I can't get away from Chanel these days but complaints here lol.