Cartier classic trinity or the XL?

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  1. I am considering purchasing either the classic trinity with small diamonds,
    or the XL trinity.
    I tried on both in the store, but still cant decide!

    Here is a pic I took with the XL.

    The XL looks some what big and chunky, and the classic one looks a bit small.
    I tend to like statement rings, but I suppose down the road the classic will always we a classic.

    Please help me decide...thanks so much!

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  2. I love the look of the XL on you.

    That's the one I would go for ;)
  3. Go for the XL. It stands out more. I have the classic without diamonds and it's kind of plain.
  4. Definitely the XL. I have the thinner version but I usually stack it with other rings. I would love to have the XL version to wear it alone. It looks perfect on you!
  5. I have the XL and I love it. I can't imagine having a different size.
  6. I have the regular size trinity but I wear it on my pinky finger as a layering piece. Love the XL for the finger you are going to wear it on. Def get the XL.
  7. I would go for the XL, especially because you love statement pieces. I have a classic trinity, but I'm a guy and I find the XL too chunky.
  8. Its so great to get ever ones feedback! Thank you!
    I am just worried that I will get tiered of the bulkiness of the xl...and the regular trinity is a classic.
    But I think its growing on me!

    I am also contemplating getting a love ring.
  9. I have the XL and I also wear mine on my middle finger.
  10. If you tend to go for statement pieces then go for the XL it looks great on you. I too had the same dilemma and ended up with the classic but now I wish I had gone with the XL for a more trendy and edgy look. Go with the one that makes your heart feel happy. Now I wear the classic on my pointer and the love ring on my ring finger for a multi ring look -- it's as close to edgy as I can get .:smile:
  11. I agree to go for the XL. I also have the thinner version, wish I had the XL. Can you show or tell some ideas on what to stack with it?
  12. I am another who has the thinner trinity & wishes I bought the bolder one. The thin trinity may be a classic, but on me it doesn't have much presence alone. I don't wear it a lot & when I do I always stack my trinity with a half or full eternity, e.g.

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  13. XL gets my vote.
  14. I like the classic more! 🙈
  15. I like the classic. Timeless.