Can't PM someone?

  1. Hi Moderators!

    I am trying to PM someone (who is not Sofa King Banned) and got this message:

    XXXXX has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    I didn't know you could chose this? Also, this person in a MP member so I wonder about that, too? Is this a fluke of the technology? If not, please pardon me.

    Thank you again:heart:
  2. Oh nevermind, I apologize.... I guess she must have had that feature turned off herself.

    Sorry, mods.
  3. I don't understand how a member of the MP would chose to turn that off- since that is the only way to handle transactions via the MP. Weird.

    also, if a member has not been here for 5 days, he/she can not send or receive PM's.
  4. ^ITA. . .
    I've tried to PM more than one member of the MP who didn't have that feature turned on. . . maybe another thing to add to the rules?

    I didn't know that about the 5 days thing!
  5. Yes, totally. I never thought of it. A member of the MP needs to have their PM box working, or else they should not be in the MP.
  6. She's a great member and I think it's because they hadn't logged in for five days... so will the feature start working again once you've logged in?
  7. ^ The system will not stop receiving PM's after 5 days. This means the person has chosen not to receive PM's.

    We need to add that to MP rules!

  8. That is not correct. Only newly registered members have PMing disabled until they reach 5 days of membership and 5 posts. Already existing members do not get their PMing disabled if they are offline for some time.
  9. Good. Cause I am going on a trip.
  10. I've been registered for a week i think now and i have over 5 posts yet i still can't PM people? is that on purpose do i need to do something else?

    I've gone through everything in the usercp and i cant see anywhere which says i have PM's turned off (can't also see how to turn them on if i have too..) so any ideas?
  11. You have to wait until the full hour once you hit the requirements for the system to update your account.
  12. Ah ok, cheers for your help! working now! knew it must have been something stupid i've done :smile: