Can't Decide....Khaki or Black?!?!

  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with my Medium Khaki/Gold Carly! I would love to have another, slightly bigger bag, but cannot decide between these two:

    Large Sig Stripe Tote - Khaki/Crimson
    Large Sig Stripe Tote - Black/Gunmetal/Silver

    JUST CAN'T DECIDE!! I LOVE the Crimson cuz it will match my agenda. But, I already have my khaki Carly, so I could really use a black bag?!?!? HELP ME PLEASE!! Thank yoU!
    blacktote.jpg crimsonttoe.jpg
  2. I love the khaki/crimson!
  3. love the black one.. i may be bias because i have it though lol :graucho:
  4. Go with the black tote since you already have a khaki Carly.
  5. I love the Crimson but you know this!
  6. I DO are part of the reason I want one so much! I would LOVE to have a matching set and since I already have the crimson agenda, I'm on my way with that. BUT, I really would like a BLACK bag, since I already have a khaki/tan one, so I am torn!!!! I guess I SHOULD spend the money on a black one, but WHICH SIDE WILL WIN OUT?!?!?!?! :nuts:
    I wish someone would confirm the Authenticity of the Black/Gunmetal ends in 2 hours. I posted to Authenticate This, but no one has replied yet. I THINK it is REAL cuz the seller has sold a LOT of other AUthentic Coach bags and has 100% positive?!?!? SO.....
  7. I aboslutely love that crimson.. but if you already have a khaki carly maybe you should get the black :confused1:
  8. I love my black one it is more subtle and versatile for me. If you already have khaki, I say go for black and you will have a new bag to use in the fall.
  9. Get them both :devil:.

    Seriously though, It really just comes down to what matters to you more. Having a matching set, or having a black bag? How much do you really need a black bag? How good will you feel to have a matching set? Think about what you wear and how often and which bag you'd get more wear out of.
  10. I was going to say crimson but the black and gunmetal made me do a double-take and I think I like that! :yes:
  11. The black!! I have one myself and I love it!!
  12. khaki
  13. Question for any SAs out there.... is there a possibility of EITHER (or both) of these bags being re-released with the Legacy Lining????? If so...I'd definitely hold out for one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I am the type of woman how likes to own a variety of BLACK bags but I've got to say that crimson strip is gorgeous. There are other black bags I would suggest but given the two choices-CRIMSON!!! :tup:
  15. Thanks! That TOTALLY MAKES SENSE!!!