Cancelled my order...

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    So....all of this talk of being "responsible" :confused1:has led me to cancel my Oak Bays order at Ann's FF. I really enjoy my Butterfly Bays (I know its not for everyone, but I really like it and already have gotten a ton of compliments). So...until things change around here....I'm done.

    Only problem, they don't give refunds after a certain time at now I've got store credit. SO..........the money I paid toward my bays will go to something else but at least no more money will be going OUT.

    Someone just say I did the right thing..... :smile: And...if anyone wants a really, really nice oak bays...they now have one available at Anns Fabulous Finds.


    I think the next Mulberry I get will be when I can totally afford it....and it will be in chocolate. After my Phoebe gook incident, I think I'm a bit too hard on oak.:confused1:
  2. I respect your will-power! I'm sure you will find other/better way of spending the credit in spring. (Did you manage to get off the gook?)
  3. pfe, since the purchase made you feel uncomfortable, then you definitely made the right decision to cancel. Wait until that '100% sure' bag comes along.
  4. ...making progress with the gook.....rubbing and lightly scratching it out then rubbing some more seems to be working....
  5. I totally understand your reasoning pfe, felt that way myself when buying a not quite right bag.

    Definitely worthwhile getting the exact bag you want instead of getting something to fill a gap in the closet.

    Good luck getting that gook off.

  6. Good decision, kudos to you for your will power and not giving in to temptation.
    As Sarajane put it quite nicely: get off the consumer treadmill...I'm doing the same and want to start 'really' enjoying and using the bags I already have!

    BTW, have we seen a pic of your butterfly Bays, yet? ;)
  7. I'll get right on that....I have *gulp* several purchases that need photographed...