Can you get into trouble with ebay for this?

  1. It is so maddening to see buyers being conned into bidding high prices for what you know to be a fake bag, unfortunately you cannot risk losing your own account to try to help someone else & the bottom line is you can report fakes to eBay but they rarely do anything they write back to me saying they cannot take my word for it & need the VERO people to report! I get so mad & I reply saying well there must be a lot of generous sellers on eBay who can let their authentic Chloe bags sell for 45GBP & by the way the bag is PINK that Chloe should have made but never did LOL
  2. The cats are adorable, well done for giving these little mites a home, I have a house full of animals & the strays always seem to know where to come :smile: Even a family of wild cats have installed themselves in the basement LOL